History Concentration

The Undergraduate Program in History

History is the study of how societies and cultures across the world change over time. History concentrators learn to write and think critically, and to understand issues from a variety of perspectives. The department offers a wide variety of courses concerned with changes in human experience through time, ranging from classical Greek and Roman civilizations to the histories of Africa, Middle East, the Americas, and Asia. While some courses explore special topics, others concentrate on the history of a particular country (e.g. China or Brazil) or period of time (e.g. Antiquity or the 20th century). By taking advantage of our diverse course offerings, students can engage in and develop broad perspectives on the past and the present.

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Student Goals

Students in the History Concentration will:

  • Approach the study of the past from a multicultural perspective
  • Understand the nature of evidence and its relation to different historical methodologies
  • Develop expertise in at least one chronological and geographical field of study
  • Hone their writing abilities
  • Produce a body of original, historical research


A Summary of the History Concentration Requirements:  

10 courses
2 in the "Premodern" era (P)
2 courses in 3 different geographic regions
Field of focus (minimum of four related courses) 
Capstone seminar (included in the ten)
Honors (optional): three additional courses related to writing a thesis (one can count towards your ten total courses)

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