Jtsundu_profile photo.jpgPhD Candidate


Advisors: Holly Case & Bathsheba Demuth

Research Interests: Russia and the Soviet Union; Siberia; histories of planning and the environment; paradoxes of motion and change; temporality; place and poetics

Research Summary: "My dissertation wonders whether an entity defined by its very immobility - a place - can in fact be in motion after all. Using archival sources, scientific and technical reports, newspaper articles, and locally published novels and poetry, I investigate the history of a place which 'moved' to higher ground in Eastern Siberia as a result of hydroelectric development in the 1950s. Playing with varieties of literal and figurative motion, the project is both historical and philosophical at its core: I read the history of Bratsk, and the Soviet Union more broadly, through classical paradoxes of identity, change, and movement, as well as 19th and 20th century discussions of dialectics and historical materialism, phenomenology, poetry, and science."