Upcoming Events

Adam Teller's lecture (information here) will examine the ways in which Jews across Europe and Asia co-operated in helping the tens of thousands of their co-religionists displaced by the mid-seventeenth century wars in eastern Europe.
Vazira Zamindar will give a talk on Huma Bhabha's multimedia sculptures at the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston on April 7 (information here)
Omer Bartov's book,  Anatomy of a Genocide, will be awarded the National Jewish Book Prize in the category Holocaust March 5 and will receive the Zócalo Book Prize at an event at the Zócalo Public Square in Los Angeles on May 2.
Françoise N. Hamlin will give the 25th annual Du Bois Lecture at UMASS Amherst (information here)

Past Events


The 39th William F. Church Memorial Lecture: "Mediterranean Captivity through Arab Eyes, 1517-1798"


Multi-year Initiative: Israel-Palestine, Lands and Peoples

Who: Omer Bartov, John P. Birkelund Distinguished Professor of European History and a Watson faculty fellow


Research Initiative: New Directions in Palestinian Studies

Who: Beshara Doumani, Joukowsky Family Distinguished Professor of Modern Middle East History


Friday, November 22, 2016, 5:30 m

Lecture: Ottoman Christians and the Question of Ottoman Society, The 37th William F. Church Memorial Lecture

 Who: Molly Green, Professor of History and Hellenic Studies at Princeton University

Where: Smith Buonnano 106


Conference: "Medicine and Public Health in Africa: Past, Present, and Future"

 Who: Professor Jennifer Johnson, Brown University

Where: Joukowsky Forum, Watson Institute, 111 Thayer Street, Brown University