19th Century U.S. History Workshop
This seminar features new research on nineteenth-century American history and is intended to stimulate conversations about periodization, method, and interpretation. We are especially eager to welcome faculty and graduate students from nearby institutions and related disciplines. Each session will feature a pre-circulated paper, available a week in advance. To join the mailing list, please write to Seth Rockman    
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Brown Early American Graduate Seminar (BEAGS)
This non-credit workshop meets once per month during the semester and provides a welcoming venue to peer-review all forms of graduate student writing, including dissertation chapters, conference presentations, grant applications, and prospectuses. Any graduate student or faculty member from the Brown community working on early American history or the Atlantic (broadly defined, from the 16th c. - 19th c.) is welcome. Email Linford Fisher for more information, a schedule, or to be added to the mailing list. 


Brown European History Workshop
BEHW offers a forum for sharing work-in-progress on topics in European history, broadly defined. We welcome faculty, postdocs, graduate students, and visiting scholars from history and related disciplines to attend any or all of our monthly meetings. Please click here to view our fall 2021 schedule. To join the mailing list or inquire about presenting work, please contact Benjamin Hein.

Brown Legal History Workshop
The Brown Legal History Workshop offers a regular forum for faculty and graduate students at Brown to share ideas engaging the themes of law or legal history—broadly construed and unrestricted by geography, chronology, or discipline. The workshop originated from observations that there are a number of scholars and students at Brown working on or interested in law and legal history across various disciplines, but there was no venue to bring all of us together into an intellectual community with common interests. Our goal is to use one another’s work-in-progress or research questions to generate discussions of interest to all but of particular help to an individual presenter. Workshops are traditionally held on a Friday morning from 9:00—10:30 a.m. and are open to all Brown faculty, visiting scholars, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students. Please click here for more information and to view our latest schedule.

Cultures and Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean Colloquium (CRAM)
An informal interdisciplinary group of faculty and students from many departments and programs. CRAM meets monthly to discuss a precirculated work-in-progress paper.

Gender History Workshop  
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Medieval and Early Modern History Workshop (MEMHS)
This monthly seminar features pre-circulated papers and presentations of works-in-progress from advanced graduate students, faculty, and visiting scholars in medieval and early modern History. 

Modern Chinese  Research Group
This is an informal group centered around advanced research in the modern history of China, Taiwan, etc. Graduate students and undergraduates doing thesis projects or other advanced work dealing with Asian language sources and historical questions are welcome to join, regardless of discipline or concentration. We meet biweekly to circulate work in progress; report on archival or other source finds; crowdsource individual problems in framing or research; or discuss trends in the field. Those who wish to join can contact Professor Rebecca Nedostup at [email protected]

Seminar in the History of the Americas and the World (SHAW)
The SHAW seminar series (which meets occasionally throughout the year) is an effort to bring together local and outside speakers for focused engagement with JCB fellows, Brown faculty, graduate students, and other interested members of the community. We heartily encourage your participation. Contact e-mail for the pre-circulated paper: [email protected].