Brown History Alum becomes Executive Director of activist group MoveOn

October 7, 2013

"Galland got her own political start at Brown, where she was a history major active in the labor rights movement. A Royce Fellowship enabled her to work with Associate Professor of History Michael Vorenberg to study African American activism in the North during Reconstruction. After graduating, she worked for the American Friends Service Committee, helping to rebuild the Quaker organization's operations in New England.

"It was during this time that she remembers going to an antiwar rally on the steps of the Rhode Island state Capitol in 2002, and being amazed by how many MoveOn members showed up. “I thought I knew every activist in Rhode Island,” she says, but MoveOn had used e-mail and the web to mobilize a network beyond what she thought possible. She soon joined the organization. Now her heart and fighting spirit are leading its charge."

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