Ebru Erginbas

The Department of History caught up with Ebru to learn about her research as a PhD student. She is currently focused on the various connections between the United States and the Ottoman Empire. Ebru's particular interests are in the fields of history of medicine and gender. Continue reading to learn more: 

"After completing my Master’s, I spent a semester researching and reading the materials that I collected from various archives. The least visited of these documents that I found at Harvard’s archives led me to the American non-state actors’ involvement in the construction of the modern health care systems in the former territories of the Ottoman Empire, from Syria to Bulgaria. I am particularly interested in the American women medical missionaries and their impact on the structures of healthcare in the Middle East.

My current focus is on the central lands of the empire in the late 19th and early 20th century. Thus, this time span carries me over to the history of the early Turkish Republic, as well. Studying multifaceted transnational history of medicine in the former territories of the Ottoman Empire at Brown is a pleasure. I benefit from the leading experts in the fields of history of the Middle East, history of medicine, history of capitalism, and European history. "