“STEaM” faculty are engaged in teaching and research on a broad range of critical issues that center on our epistemic and practical interactions with the material world, including the relationship between nature and culture, head and hand, innovation and material constraint, and the entanglement of material resources, material culture, and the exercise of power. Our research engages the history of alchemy, biology, technology, the body, human interactions with non-humans, land use, mathematics, museums, psychiatry, medicine and public health, and risk and disaster. We work in Africa, East Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the United States from the early modern period to the present. Our faculty are affiliated with programs in East Asian Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Renaissance and Early Modern Studies, and Science and Technology Studies, and collaborate with the Institute at Brown for Environment and Society, the John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities and Cultural Heritage, the John Carter Brown Library, and the Watson Institute.


Elias Muhanna

Gabriel de Avilez Rocha

Kerry Smith

Neil F. Safier

Daniel A. Rodriguez

Lukas B. Rieppel