The Undergraduate Program in History

Welcome to the 2016–2017 Academic Year!

Ongoing crises in the Middle East, Ukraine, and American cities have brought home in striking ways the importance of understanding the historical context of the world around us. The History Department is poised to help you learn about diverse societies and cultures and the ways in which they have changed over time.

Whether you are new to the discipline of History or are on your way to graduating with honors in History, we have courses that are designed for you.  Our courses span the globe, covering five continents and countless countries, from antiquity to today's headlines. For the 2015-2016 academic year and beyond, the department has introduced two exciting new initiatives:

  • A new numbering system will make it easier to find the courses you are looking for.  If you’d like to find the new number of an old course, click here. If you are curious what a newly numbered course used to be called (especially if you want to look it up on Critial Review), click here.
  • New concentration requirements should make the concentration easier to navigate, while ensuring that our students get both chronological depth and geographical breadth in their study of history.  For the new concentration form, click here.  For details on the requirements, click here. For details on the Chronology/Geography designations of History courses, click here.

We invite you to explore the changes.

Director of Undergraduate Studies: Prof. Ethan Pollock

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