History concentrators must take at least two courses in the "Premodern" era (P). At Brown, "P" courses must be taken in courses with History Department faculty, with very few exceptions. These exceptions must be discussed with one's concentration advisor. Abroad or at other institutions, the "P" requirement can be fulfilled only in a course offered by a history department. Please bring syllabi to a concentration advisor to verify that the course meets the requirement.

General principle: at least 2/3 of a course's content must be dedicated the "premodern" era--however defined by the field--for the course to fulfill the "P" requirement.

For more details about these courses for current term, see: Courses@Brown.


Fall 2018

Spring 2019

HIST 0232    Clash of Empires in Latin America

HIST 0270A  From Fire Wielders to Empire Builders: Human Impact on the Global Environment before 1492

HIST 0535B  Conquests

HIST 1202   Formation of the Classical Heritage: Greeks, Romans, Jews, Christians, and Muslims

HIST 1266C  English History, 1529-1660

HIST 1930RG   Roman History I: Rise and Fall of an Imperial Republic (register for CLAS 1310)

HIST 1956J   Making Meaning: Extracting Knowledge from Matter in Early Modern Europe

HIST 1961D  Urban Culture in Early Modern China

HIST 1936Q  Sex, Power, and God: A Medieval Perspective

HIST 1960G Southern African Frontiers, c. 1400-1860

HIST 1964F   Early Modern Ireland

HIST 1964L  Slavery in the Early Modern Word

HIST 1110 Imperial China/China: Culture and Legacy

HIST 1211  Crusaders and Cathedrals, Deviants and Dominance: Europe in the High Middle Ages

HIST 1216  The Paradox of Early Modern Europe

HIST 1264M  Culture History of the Netherlands in a Golden Age and a Global Age

HIST 1266D  British History, 1660-1800

HIST 1280    Death from Medieval Relics to Forensic Science

HIST 1501   The American Revolution

HIST 1835A  Unearthing the Body: History, Archaeology, and Biology at the end of Antiquity

HIST 1930S  Roman History II: The Roman Empire and Its Impact (register for CLAS 1320)

HIST 1954J  The History of the Book in the Americas and Beyond

HIST 1961D Urban Culture in Early Modern China

HIST 1964B  The Enchanted World: Magic, Angels, and Demons in Early Modern Europe

HIST 1964B  Women in Early Modern England

HIST 1970G  Captive Voices: Atlantic Slavery in the Digital Age

HIST 1974M  Early Modern Globalization