History concentrators must take at least two courses in the "Premodern" era (P)

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Fall 2018

Spring 2019

HIST 0232    Clash of Empires in Latin America

HIST 0270A  From Fire Wielders to Empire Builders: Human Impact on the Global Environment before 1492

HIST 0535B  Conquests

HIST 1202   Formation of the Classical Heritage: Greeks, Romans, Jews, Christians, and Muslims

HIST 1266C  English History, 1529-1660

HIST 1930RG   Roman History I: Rise and Fall of an Imperial Republic (register for CLAS 1310)

HIST 1956J   Making Meaning: Extracting Knowledge from Matter in Early Modern Europe

HIST 1961D  Urban Culture in Early Modern China

HIST 1936Q  Sex, Power, and God: A Medieval Perspective

HIST 1960G Southern African Frontiers, c. 1400-1860

HIST 1964F   Early Modern Ireland

HIST 1964L  Slavery in the Early Modern Word

HIST 1110 Imperial China/China: Culture and Legacy

HIST 1211  Crusaders and Cathedrals, Deviants and Dominance: Europe in the High Middle Ages

HIST 1216  The Paradox of Early Modern Europe

HIST 1264M  Culture History of the Netherlands in a Golden Age and a Global Age

HIST 1266D  British History, 1660-1800

HIST 1280    Death from Medieval Relics to Forensic Science

HIST 1501   The American Revolution

HIST 1835A  Unearthing the Body: History, Archaeology, and Biology at the end of Antiquity

HIST 1930S  Roman History II: The Roman Empire and Its Impact (register for CLAS 1320)

HIST 1954J  The History of the Book in the Americas and Beyond

HIST 1964B  The Enchanted World: Magic, Angels, and Demons in Early Modern Europe

HIST 1964B  Women in Early Modern England

HIST 1970B  Enslaved! Indians and Africans in an Unfree Atlantic World

HIST 1974M  Early Modern Globalization