The History Department Undergraduate Group (DUG) organizes events and activities to promote community among history students, concentrators, and faculty. They host panels and lunches with faculty, student-led registration advising sessions, and other events throughout the year. 

You can learn more about the History DUG and the programming they have planned by joining the Facebook group. A schedule of events can also be found on the DUG Google Calendar  To join the DUG and receive mailings about scheduled events, please fill out a membership interest form and/or write to  with any questions you may have.

History DUG leaders also serve as Peer Advisors who are happy to talk about the concentration, history classes, the honors thesis program, etc. 

History DUG leaders/Peer Advisors for 2018-2019


Talia Brenner Talia Brenner '19 My name is Talia Brenner and I am a junior concentrating in history. I have taken a wide range of classes in the department and is especially interested in 20th century U.S. history. I especially value the history concentration’s flexible requirements and wonderful opportunities to connect with professors. Outside of classes, I am a student leader at Brown RISD Hillel and am active with various student theater groups and political organizations on campus.

medium_Quinton.jpg Quinton Huang '19 My name is Quinton Huang, and I’m a junior focusing on East Asia within the History concentration. I love the History concentration because every single History professor I've had has been warm, welcoming and supportive to all their students, and because I value the empathy for people of other times, places and circumstances that the study of history instils. My main interests are Hong Kong, Manchuria, Korea and the global Third World. Outside of history, I am also an East Asian Studies concentrator, study Chinese at Brown, and am involved in the Southeast Asian Studies Initiative. 

Jane Lichacz Jane Lichacz '19 Hi! My name is Jane Lichacz and I am a junior, concentrating in History with a field of focus in Modern America. My favorite aspect of the History concentration is the opportunity to work closely with professors and fellow students, for example, through my on-campus job as a Research Assistant. Outside of the History DUG, I am a member of Brown Motion Pictures as well as a tutor at Roosevelt Academy.

Ben Martel Ben Martel '19 Hi, my name is Ben Martel and I am a junior concentrating in history, with a focus on Europe and Judaism. I love the history department at Brown because of the phenomenal professors who teach exciting courses that challenge students to think critically about the past. When I am not studying history, I am involved with Best Buddies, Delta Tau Fraternity, and student music groups.


Tom Oyewole Tomi Onabanjo '19 While my full name is Oluwatomisin, I usually just go by Tomi for short. I am currently a junior concentrating in History and Africana Studies. I am particularly interested in the historical, social and cultural relationships between individuals of the African continent and those of the Diaspora. My interest in the History Department largely stems from my ardent belief that there is no means to ameliorate the problems of today, without understanding their roots in the events of the past. I am also one of the co-captains for the Men’s Club Volleyball Team, a tutor for Brown’s Refugee Youth Tutoring and Enrichment Program, and an upperclassmen mentor in the Black Student Union.

medium_001 (1).JPG Gabriela Ortiz '19 "Hi! My name is Gabriela Ortiz and I am a junior from Santa Fe, NM. I am concentrating in History with a particular focus on the development of medicine, science and technology in Colonial Latin America. A concentration in History has allowed me to connect with my fellow students, establish meaningful relationships with my professors, and gain a deeper appreciation for the different cultures, languages, and belief systems that have shaped modern society. Outside of history, I am a student coordinator for the BRCC, a member of Brown's Pre-med Society, a student archivist and a licensed EMT."

Class of 2020

Elijah Broussard Elijah Broussard '20 My name is Elijah Broussard, and I am from the small town of Cecilia, Louisiana and a sophomore concentrating in history and classics. I am primarily interested in classical antiquity, especially cultural exchange in the ancient Mediterranean. I also have a strong interest in both ancient and modern languages! The history department at Brown is chock full of passionate and interesting people who help to create a singularly rich learning environment both in and outside of the classroom and I am incredibly excited to be a part of this wonderful department! When not wrapped up in research, I moonlight as a moderator of Brown's premier facebook meme page.  

medium_mjphoto.jpg Charlie Steinman '20 Hello! My name is Charlie Steinman.  I’m a sophomore from Washington, DC, concentrating in history with a focus in medieval Europe and medieval studies.  I’m primarily interested in marginalized identities in medieval Europe, cross-cultural encounters in the premodern world, and the origins of the idea of race, but I'm always down to talk about anything even remotely medieval.  I love the department's emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches to history, the warmth of the professors, and the passion of the concentrators.  In addition to spending a lot of time in the Rock, I’m a tour guide, I work at our campus radio station, WBRU, and I perform in an improv comedy troupe called Comic Sans. 


medium_fullsizeoutput_1496 - Anna Marx.jpeg

Anna Marx '20 My name is Anna Marx and I am a junior concentrating in history with a focus on slavery and race. I love the history department because of its wide variety of classes and its requirement flexibility as you can study almost anything you want. In addition to academics, I am the Director of Marketing and Business for the Brown Political Review. 


medium_D738EF39-721C-44C8-B42F-55EA8D588488 - Isaac Leong.JPG

I'm Isaac Leong ´20, a junior from Singapore. I concentrate in History with a focus on the social histories of war and genocide. Studying history at Brown has been a thoroughly rewarding and self-reflexive experience, and my professors have challenged me to think about history and historical methods in new ways. Outside of history, I'm a Writing Fellow and work at the Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology.





Hey! My name is Bailey Kroop '21 and I am a sophomore concentration in history. I am particularly interested in the historical implications of religion and I plan to focus on Jewish history. I love being a part of the history department, as the professors are incredible and my peers are inspiring. By studying history, I have developed a greater appreciation of other cultures and how important history is to understanding present situations. Outside of the History DUG, I am a Co-Director of the Holocaust Initiative, serve on the e-board of the TAMID group, and play club lacrosse. 



Hi! My name is Lydia DeFusto '21, and I am a sophomore concentrating in history. I am interested in gender and European history. I have had a wonderful experience with the history department thanks to its many inspiring professors. Outside of the History DUG, I write for The Brown Daily Herald and am the library coordinator and archivist at the Sarah Doyle Center for Women and Gender.