The History Department Undergraduate Group (DUG) organizes events and activities to promote community among history students, concentrators, and faculty. They host panels and lunches with faculty, student-led registration advising sessions, and other events throughout the year. 

You can learn more about the History DUG and the programming they have planned by joining the Facebook group. A schedule of events can also be found on the DUG Google Calendar  To join the DUG and receive mailings about scheduled events, please fill out a membership interest form and/or write to [email protected]  with any questions you may have.

History DUG leaders also serve as Peer Advisors who are happy to talk about the concentration, history classes, the honors thesis program, etc. 

History DUG leaders/Peer Advisors for 2020-2021




medium_Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 2.43.12 PM.pngHello! My name is Shreya Das '21 and I'm a senior concentrating in history and economics. My focus is Imperialism and Warfare. I love the history department because the professors are experts and are always ready with insights on their subject areas from their research. What I love most about history is that there's always a range of perspectives in class and in source material that makes it more interesting. Apart from coordinating the History DUG, I'm also editor-in-chief of the Brown Journal of History and President of 180DC. I founded the History Department's peer mentorship program, so reach out if you want to know more or want some advice!

medium_melanie pincus.pngHi! My name is Melanie Pincus ‘21 and I am a senior from northern Virginia concentrating in history. I am particularly interested in the process of state-building along with the history of American journalism. I am grateful to have learned from passionate and dedicated professors and students at Brown, and I am always happy to discuss my experience in the concentration. Outside of the department, you can find me working on projects for The Brown Daily Herald.


medium_aidan wang2.pngHi! My name is Aidan Wang '22. I’m a junior from right outside Annapolis, Maryland concentrating in history with a field of focus in legal history. I love the History Department for the enthusiasm and compassion of the professors, and for the thought-provoking lectures and discussion sections. Outside of the classroom, I am a Brown Outing Club and BOLT Leader, and I’m also a TA for CS0111.


Class of 2022


medium_Bai, Corrine1.jpegMy name is Corrine Bai '22, and I am a junior studying History and Applied Mathematics. I picked Modern European History as my field of focus because I am intrigued by how the cultural and intellectual legacy of that period influenced the current western society. I love studying History at Brown because of the freedom offered by the Open Curriculum that allowed me to explore relevant courses in Philosophy and Art History. Outside of history, I am a tutor for the EINT program, and I love to read about post-war and contemporary art.


medium_Zander Blitzer.pngMy name is Zander Blitzer '22 and I'm a rising junior from Westport, Connecticut concentrating in History (Labor & Economic) and Renaissance & Early Modern Studies (Literature). I am particularly interested in studying legal history, capitalism, political economy, and both colonial and modern American history. I have loved being part of the history department thus far because of the eye-opening classes, caring professors, and passionate concentrators, and I look forward to working with the DUG this year. Outside of history, I'm involved with Brown Political Review, Shakespeare on the Green, Meiklejohn Peer Advising, and Delta Gamma. I'm also an Engaged Scholar in the history department, so please reach out if you have any questions about that program!


medium_yara doumani 1.pngMy name is Yara Doumani '22, and I am a junior concentrating in History and Environmental Studies with focuses in settler colonial, carceral, and Indigenous climate change studies. I am particularly attracted to the intersectional nature of history as it has the radical potential to operate as a form of truth-telling through critical knowledge production and reconstruction. In addition to my work with a multitude of activist coalitions on campus, I am a managing editor of the Brown Journal of Middle Eastern History (BUJMES), a website designer for the history department, and an undergraduate research assistant.


medium_connor jenkins1.jpegI’m Connor Jenkins '22, a junior studying History and Africana Studies with a focus on cultural histories of captivity/incarceration at the nexus of race and gender. I love the History department because of the power of storytelling and its efficacy for envisioning and realizing a world beyond structural injustices and hierarchies of difference. As trite as it sounds, the relationships formed among faculty, students, and community members in the History department make the biggest difference in growing, learning, and challenging pre-conceived notions about the past. Outside of the History DUG, I work at the Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice and tutor in the Rhode Island prisons through the Petey Greene Program. I’m more than happy to chat about any and all things related or unrelated to the History Department!

medium_zara norman1.jpgHey! My name is Zara Lei Norman '22 (she/her). I'm a Junior history concentrator with a focus on legal history, though I'm also interested in ancient history, critical race theory, and the development of the carceral state. What I love about the department is the huge breadth of courses and concentration options, and the warmth and enthusiasm of professors and concentrators alike. Aside from the DUG, I'm an editor of the Rib of Brown, a volunteer with BEAM, and a member of Railroad!


medium_ Ryu, Gemma.jpgMy name is Gemma Ryu '22 and I’m a junior from Denver, Colorado. I concentrate in biology and history with a focus on Early Modern Europe. Studying history at Brown has been an insightful and wonderful experience. I love the breadth of classes that the department offers, as well as the passionate and inspiring concentrators and professors. Outside of academics, I play scrum-half for the women’s rugby team, am a contributing writer for The Rib, and volunteer as an EMT.


Class of 2021



Hello! My name is Bailey Kroop '21 and I am a senior from Phoenix, Arizona. I am concentrating in history with a focus on race and ethnicity. I love studying history at Brown because the department has incredible and insightful professors and students, and because studying history can help us better understand our world today. In addition to being a part of the history DUG, I have been involved in the Environmental Program House and Women in Business.


medium_Jeanne Ernest3.JPGHello! My name is Jeanne Ernest '21 and I'm a senior concentrating in History with a focus on revolutions. I have taken incredible courses in History and beyond with professors that have challenged my conception of what constitutes revolutionary activity. In addition to my academic work, I am also involved in the Sophia-Royce Mentorship Program, volunteer with HOPE's Housing Applications Collaborative (HAC), and support Brown's chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ALCU). All of this work informs research for my undergraduate thesis on Cold War U.S. radicalism that I am completing as a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow. If you ever want to chat about revolutions and radicalism, or anything else, please don't hesitate to reach out!