A Brief Guide to History Courses 

Do you want to take a history course but don’t know exactly where to begin?  The history department offers a number of different options for all Brown undergraduate students, whether they are interested in exploring beyond their usual comfort zone or are potential concentrators.  This page provides you with a brief guide to some of the history department’s course offerings for the 2017-18 academic year. 

For more detailed information about each course offered this term, see [email protected] 



HISTORY 0150s are thematic courses on topics that cut across time and space and are open to all Brown undergraduates.  They introduce students to methods of historical analysis, interpretation, and argument.  

Fall 2020

Spring 2021

Summer 2021

No Courses

HIST 0150A "History of Capitalism" Assistant Professor Lukas B Rieppel and Assistant Professor Benjamin P Hein


HIST 0150I "The Making of the Modern World Professor" Beshara B Doumani

HIST 0150J "The Ocean in Global History" Assistant Professor Gabriel Rocha 



History Department first-year seminars (FYS) and second-year seminars (SYS) (restricted to first-years and sophomores) provide first-years and sophomores an introduction to a topic and to historical methods in a small class setting.  

First-Year Seminars

Fall 2020

Spring 2021

Summer 2021

No Courses

HIST 0523P "The First World War" Assistant Professor Benjamin P Hein


HIST 0551A "Lincoln in History and Culture" Associate Professor Michael Vorenberg


HIST 0556A "Sport in American History" Professor Howard P Chudacoff


HIST 0557D "World of Walden Pond" Professor Kenneth S Sacks


HIST 0557E "Introduction to Latinx History" Assistant Professor Mark Ocegueda


HIST 0577B "US Mexico Border/Borderlands" Professor Evelyn Hu-Dehart

HIST 0580M "Age of Revolutions, 1760-1824" Assistant Professor Jeremy R Mumford (P)

Second-Year Seminars

Fall 2020

Spring 2021

Summer 2021

HIST 0656A “History of Intercollegiate Athletics” Professor Howard P Chudacoff

No Courses

HIST 0673A "Colonial Encounters" Assistant Professor Gabriel Rocha (P)


HIST "Russian Revolution" Professor Ethan M Pollock



History lecture courses address topics of broad interest chronologically, geographically and thematically defined. These courses are designed for History concentrators and non-concentrators alike. Our courses over 1000 are organized geographically as follows:

  • 1000-1099 courses on Africa
  • 1100-1199 courses on East Asia
  • 1200-1299 courses on Europe
  • 1300-1399 courses on Latin America
  • 1400-1499 courses on Middle East
  • 1500-1599 courses on North America
  • 1600-1699 courses on South Asia
  • 1700-1799 Global courses
  • 1800-1899 Thematic courses

Fall 2020

Spring 2021

Summer 2021

HIST 0253 "Religion, Politics, and Culture in America, 1865 - Present" Associate Professor Linford D. Fisher


HIST 0286A "History of Medicine I" Professor Harold J Cook (P)


HIST 1149 "Imperial Japan" Associate Professor Kerry Smith


HIST 1202 “Foundations: Classical Heritage” Professor Kenneth S Sacks (P)


HIST 1230C "Renewal in 20th Century Europe" Professor Mary Gluck


HIST 1266C "English History, 1529-1660" Professor Tim Harris (P)


HIST 1930S "Roman History II: The Roman Empire and Its Impact" Professor John P Bodel

HIST 0228A "War, Tyranny, and Peace" Professor Omer Bartov


HIST 0234 "Modern Latin America" Assistant Professor Daniel A Rodriguez


HIST 0286B "History of Medicine II" Professor Harold J Cook


HIST 1101 "Chinese Political Thought" Professor Cynthia J Brokaw (P)


HIST 1121 "The Modern Chinese Nation" Associate Professor Rebecca A Nedostup


HIST 1155 "Japan's Pacific War 1937-1945" Associate Professor Kerry Smith


HIST 1211 "Crusaders and Cathedrals, Deviants and Dominance: Europe in the High Middle Ages" Professor Amy G Remensnyder (P)


HIST 1213 "Memories of the Medieval in the Age of Supremacy" Ph.D. Candidate Leland Grigoli (P)


HIST 1262F "Women, Gender, Feminism" Professor Caroline Castiglione


HIST 1266D "British History 1660-1800" Professor Tim Harris (P)


HIST 1456 "Economic, Financial History of Middle East" Assistant Professor Sreemati Mitter


HIST 1502 "The Early Republic" Associate Professor Seth E Rockman


HIST 1825F "Nature, Knowledge, Power in Renaissance Europe" Professor Tara E Nummedal (P)


HIST 1835A "Unearthing the Body" Associate Professor Jonathan P Conant  (P)

HIST 0202 "Colonial Africa" Professor Nancy J Jacobs


HIST 0233 "Colonial Latin America" Assistant Professor Jeremy R Mumford (P)


HIST 0245 "History of Modern Middle East" Associate Professor Faiz Ahmed


HIST 0252 "The American Civil War" Associate Professor Michael Vorenberg


HIST 0270B "Modern Environmental History" Assistant Professor Bathsheba Demuth


HIST 1110 "Imperial China/China" Professor Cynthia J Brokaw (P)


HIST 1262M "Truth on Trial" Professor Caroline Castiglione (P)


HIST 1272D "The French Revolution" Adjunct Assistant Professor Joel W Revill


HIST 1571 "Intellectual History of Black Women" Assistant Professor Emily Owens


Courses numbered from 1960A to 1979Z are capstone seminars that provide students with an opportunity to delve deeply into a historical problem and to write a major research and/or analytical paper. These seminars are designed to serve as an intellectual culmination of the concentration. First-Year students are not advised to take these courses and only rarely are sophomores allowed to enroll.

Fall 2020

Spring 2021

Summer 2021

HIST 1964C "Gender, Sexuality in Early Modern Europe" Professor Tara E Nummedal (P)


HIST 1968A "Approaches to the Middle East" Professor Beshara B Doumani


HIST 1969A "Israel-Palestine: Lands and Peoples I" Professor Omer Bartov


HIST 1969C "Debates in Middle Eastern History" Assistant Professor Sreemati Mitter


HIST 1970D "Problem of Class in Early America" Associate Professor Seth E Rockman


HIST 1972I “Loss, Political Activism” Assistant Professor Emily Owens


HIST 1977J "War and Medicine Since the Renaissance" Professor Harold J Cook (P)


HIST 1978D "Contested Histories of Colonial Indochina: Encounters, Social Transformations, Legacies of Empire" Postdoctoral Fellow Cindy Nguyen


HIST 1981F/ ENVS 1910 "The Anthropocene: The Past and Present of Environmental Change" Assistant Professor Demuth


HMAN 1974Q/ HIST 1981J "England without a Monarchy: Regicide and Republic, 1649-1660" Professor Tim Harris

HIST 1960H "Colonization and Southern Africa's First People's" Professor Nancy J Jacobs (P)


HIST 1961D "Urban Culture in Early Modern China" Professor Cynthia J Brokaw (P)


HIST 1963Q "Sex, Power, and God: A Medieval Perspective" Professor Amy G Remensnyder (P)


HIST 1964A "Age of Imposters: Fraud, Identification" Professor Tara E Nummedal (P)


HIST 1964L "Slavery in the Early Modern World" Professor Adam J Teller (P)


HIST 1965S "History of AI" Associate Professor Holly A Case 


HIST 1968V "America and the Middle East" Associate Professor Faiz Ahmed


HIST 1969F "Nothing Pleases Me: Understanding Modern Middle Eastern History Through Literature" Assistant Professor Sreemati Mitter


HIST 1972A "American Legal History, 1760-1920" Associate Professor Michael Vorenberg


HIST 1972J “Racial Capitalism and U.S. Liberal Empire” Associate Professor Naoko Shibusawa


HIST 1976J/HMAN 1979W "Earth Histories: From Creation to Countdown" Assistant Professor Lukas B Rieppel


HIST 1977I "Gender, Race, Medicine in Americas" Assistant Professor Daniel A Rodriguez

No Courses



Honors courses are a three-part series. They are all offered each semester annually.  

HIST 1992

History Honors Workshop for Prospective Thesis Writers 

Recommended for all those thinking about researching and writing a senior thesis. Must have an A- average in history courses to be considered for the History Honors Program. Completion of a thesis prospectus that receives an A or A- is admitted into the History Honors Program. 

HIST 1993

History Honors Workshop for Thesis Writers

Limited to seniors and juniors who have been admitted to the History Honors Program. First semester of writing the honors thesis.

HIST 1994

History Honors Workshop for Thesis Writers

Limited to seniors and juniors who have been admitted to the History Honors Program. Second semester of writing the honors thesis. 

Read more information about the Honors program.

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