All concentrators must complete at least one capstone seminar (HIST 1960s & HIST 1970s series courses and selected HIST 1980 courses.) These seminars are designed to serve as an intellectual culmination of the concentration. They provide students with an opportunity to delve deeply into a historical problem and to write a major research and/or analytical paper which serves as a capstone experience. Ideally, they will be taken in the field of focus and during the student’s junior or senior year. Students considering writing a senior honors thesis are advised to take an advanced seminar in their junior year. 

Fall 2021

Spring 2022


HIST 1961N "Colonization and Ethnicity in East Asian History" Brian Lander

HIST 1964F "Early Modern Ireland" Tim Harris

HIST 1965C "Stalinism" Ethan Pollock

HIST 1968A "Approaches to the Middle East" Faiz Ahmed

HIST 1969A "Israel-Palestine: Lands and Peoples I" Omer Bartov

HIST 1969C "Debates in Middle Eastern History" Sreemati Mitter

HIST 1972A "American Legal History, 1760-1920" Michael Vorenberg

HIST 1974M "Early Modern Globalization" Adam Teller

HIST 1975J "Portuguese Discoveries and Early Modern Global History" Gabriel Rocha

HIST 1960J "More-Than-Human Histories of Africa" Nancy Jacobs

HIST 1961A "Memory and Justice in East Asia" Rebecca Nedostup

HIST 1964D "Women in Early Modern England" Tim Harris

HIST 1964H "Race and Empire in 18th C France" Joel Revill

HIST 1969F "Nothing Pleases Me: Understanding Modern Middle Eastern History Through Literature" Sreemati Mitter

HIST 1970G "Captive Voices: Atlantic Slavery in the Digital Age" Jonathan Conant

HIST 1972J "Racial Capitalism and U.S. Liberal Empire" Naoko Shibusawa

HIST 1977I "Gender, Race, Medicine in the Americas" Daniel Rodriguez

HIST 1978E "Nationalism and The Nation In Modern Europe" James Wang