Every term, the History Department offers a wide variety of courses that can fulfill the College's Writing Designated (WRIT) requirement

For detailed information about each WRIT course offered the current semester can be found here.

Fall 2017

Spring 2018

HIST 0150H  Food and Drugs in History

HIST 0233    Colonial Latin America

HIST 0522O  The Enlightenment

HIST 0523B   State Surveillance in History

HIST 0555B   Robber Barons

HIST 0556A   Sport in American History

HIST 0557C   Narratives of Slavery

HIST 0580M  The Age of Revolutions, 1760-1824

HIST 0654A   Welfare States and a History of Modern Life

HIST 1149     Imperial Japan

HIST 1200C   History of Greece: From Alexander the Great to the Roman Conquest

HIST 1230B   Modern European Intellectual and Cultural History: The Fin de Siecle, 1880-1914

HIST 1262M  Truth on Trial: Justice in Italy, 1400-1800

HIST 1266C   English History, 1529-1660

HIST 1310     History of Brazil

HIST 1505     Making America Modern

HIST 1551     American Urban History, 1870-1965

HIST 1553     Empires in America to 1890

HIST 1961I    North Korea: Past, Present, and Future

HIST 1964A   Age of Imposters: Fraud, Identification, and the Self in Early Modern Europe

HIST 1964F   Early Modern Ireland

HIST 1965O   "Naturally Chic": Fashion, Gender, and National Identity in French History

HIST 1968A   Approaches to the Middle East

HIST 1968F   History of Capitalism: The Eastern Mediterranean and the World Around

HIST 1969A   Israel-Palestine: Lands and Peoples I

HIST 1979P   Prostitutes, Mothers + Midwives: Women in Pre-modern Europe and North America (pending approval)

HIST 1992     History Honors Workshop for Prospective Thesis Writers

HIST 1994     History Honors Workshop for Thesis Writers, Part II

HIST 0257   Modern American History: New and Different Perspectives

HIST 0276B  Science and Capitalism

HIST 0286A  History of Medicine I: Medical Traditions in the Old World Before 1700

HIST 0556A  Sport in American History

HIST 1101    Chinese Political Thought from Confucius to Xi Jinping

HIST 1155    Japan's Pacific War, 1937-1945

HIST 1230C  The Search for Renewal in 20th Century Europe

HIST 1266D  British History, 1660-1800

HIST 1825F   Nature, Knowledge, Power in Renaissance Europe

HIST 1946D  Women in Early Modern England

HIST 1965E  Politics of the Intellectual in 20C Europe

HIST 1967E  In the Shadow of Revolution: Mexico since 1940

HIST 1967T  History of the Andes from the Incas to Evo Morales

HIST 1968B  Israel-Palestine: Lands and Peoples II

HIST 1969C  Debates in Middle Eastern History

HIST 1969F  Nothing Pleases Me: Understanding Modern Middle Eastern History Through Literature

HIST 1970D  Problem of Class in Early America

HIST 1974A  The Silk Roads, Past and Present

HIST 1976N  Topics in the History of Economic Thought

HIST 1976R  Histories of the Future

HIST1979D   Ruined History: Visual and Material Culture in South Asia

HIST 1992   History Honors Workshop for Prospective Thesis Writers

HIST 1994  History Honors Workshop for Thesis Writers, Part II