Cogut Institute Undergraduate Fellows

2020-2021 Amanda Brynn Expected 2021 Archaeology and the Ancient World
Modern Culture and Media
Pornography and Plunder: Colonialism, Sexuality, and the British Museum's "Secret Museum"   
2020-2021 Marysol Fernandez Expected 2021 Comparative Literature Economics Translation: A Politics of Exchange  
2020-2021 Matthew Marciello Expected 2021 American Studies Gender and Sexuality Studies Not Biologically Male, Not Biologically Female: The Intersex Rights Fight Against Intersex Genital Surgery, 1960s-Present  
2020-2021 Karis Ryu Expected 2021 History and East Asian Studies  A Way of Life: Remembering the U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan of the Cold War  
2020-2021 Nicole Yow Wei Expected 2021 History Knowing about Knowing: Nineteenth-Century Colonial Libraries of the Straits Settlements  
2019–2020 Zarah Asghar 2020 Behavioral Decision Sciences
Middle East Studies
Dialogue under Humanitarian Governance: The Creation of Water and Sanitation Networks in Zaatari Homemaking in Emergencies: Resident-Led Infrastructural Development in Za'atari
Refugee Camp
2019–2020 Aliosha Bielenberg 2020 Archaeology and the Ancient World
Independent Concentration in Critical Thought and Global Social Inquiry
Postcolonialism, Pragmatism, and the Khoi-San of South Africa How Do We Make a World? Hannah Arendt, the Khoi-San, and the Problems of Alterity and Humanism
2019–2020 Isaac Leong  2020 History Contested Justice: Law and Ritual in Postwar Singapore Rituals of Justice
2019–2020 Tabitha Payne 2020 Development Studies The Khmer Queer and Incarceration: LGBT People and Prisons in Phnom Penh, Cambodia Queer Histories of the Khmer Rouge Regime: Surviving Sex/Gender and Genocide
2018–2019 Makedah Hughes 2019 Comparative Literature Black Francophone Identity: dans la vie et dans les livres "Mauve" (2010): Translating an Afro-futurist Rhetoric of Color
2018 (Fall) Victoria Huynh 2019 Ethnic Studies Roots of Resilience: Vietnamese community gardening in Camden, NJ  
2018–2019 Asey Koh 2019 English Narratives of Liminality: Queerness and Monstrosity Monstrous Closets: Queerness, Monstrosity, and the Problem of Disclosure
2018–2019 Ryan Miller 2019 History of Art and Architecture Engaging Urban Space: Public Art as Spatial Inquiry and Intervention The Art of Public Space: Defining Public(s) and Creative Intervention at Cathedral Square and the Addison Gallery
2018–2019 Kyle Tildon 2019 Africana Studies Black Diversity in Education: The Results of Nationality and Ethnicity on Black Experiences in Academia Black Ethnicities: Negro Americans and the Role of Ethnicity and Black America
2017–2018 Iván Hofman 2019 History
Comparative Literature
Rethinking the Modern Self: Critical Conversations On Guilty, Mistaken Reading: Postcritique and its Discontents
2017–2018 Grace Monk 2018 Classics
Comparative Literature
Memorias del Territorio, Graffiti and Public Space, Alberto Fuguet, Popular Perception of Classics Voices of the Concrete Jungle: Street Art in Valparaíso and Athens
2017–2018 Edward Tie 2018 Science and Technology Studies
Program in Liberal Medical Education
Recollecting the American Carceral State: Queer Cultural Memory and the Testimonies of Gay Pulp Fiction Epistemological Fugacity: Psychiatric Knowledge, Queer Histories, and Sexual Politics in Gay Pulp Fiction, 1950–1980
2017 (Fall) Shannon Frampton 2018 Africana Studies Exploring the Permeance of Blackness in Today’s China  
2016–2017 Victor Bramble 2016 Modern Culture and Media   Making Black Lives Matter: On the Circulation of Images of Black Death on Social Media
2016–2017 Ximena Carranza Risco 2017 Environmental Studies Settling for Disaster: The Construction and Governance of Climate-related Urban Vulnerability in Lima’s Informal Settlements Settling for Disaster: The Construction and Governance of Urban Environmental Risk in Lima's Informal Settlements
2016–2017 Noah Fields 2017 Literary Arts   The Queer Poetics of Nightlife
2016–2017 Dolma Ombadykow 2017 Medical Humanities Exploring the Medical Encounter: Systemic Inequality and Conceptions of Chronicity through Language What Only the Corpse Might Know: Situating the Development of Medical Authority within Histories of Violence
2016–2017 Joseph Zappa 2017 French Studies   Neoliberalism, Affect, and Literature: What Do These Things Have to Do with Each Other?
Grant Meyer 2016 Modern Culture and Media   "Good" Copy, "Bad" Copy: Discourses of Copying within Appropriation Art, Popular Music, and Media Piracy and Their Significance for the Ownership of Culture
2015–2016 Aanchal Saraf 2016 Geography   Malama ka'Aina: Kanaka Maoli Ontologies in a Liberal State
2015–2016 Maya Sorabjee 2016 History of Art and Architecture   Swadeshi Moderne: Aesthetics, Politics & Appropriation in Bombay's Art Deco Insurance Architecture
2015 (Fall) Margaret Livingstone 2016 American Studies
Urban Studies
2014–2015 Leila Blatt 2015 Africana Studies   From the Shadows of Choice: Activism, Power and Black Women's Struggle for Reproductive Justice
2014–2015 Patricia Ekpo 2015 Gender and Sexuality
American Studies
  Let's Be Very Public with Our Suffering: Tumblr's On-Line Depression and Its Queer Possibilities
2014–2015 Alexander Jusdanis 2015 Music   Myth, Mediation, and Master Muscians of Zahjouka
2014–2015 Bartosz Zerebecki 2015 Postcolonial Studies   Towards Unfamiliar Colonies: Poland Under Communism and India Under Colonialism
2013–2014 David Adler 2014 Development Studies
  Bureaucracy After Liberalization: The Delhi Development Authority and the World-Class City
2013–2014 David Borgonjon 2014 English   Competitive Literature: Sino-American Cultural Relations, 1980–2000
2013–2014 Valeria Fantozzi 2014 Development Studies
Architectural Studies
  Disaster Mitigation in Seismic Developing Countries: Policy-Design and Risk Measurement in Rural Cities
2013–2014 Saudi Garcia 2014 Anthropology   The Dominican Second Generation Diasporic Experience: History, Community, and Connection
2012–2013 Berit Goetz 2013 Music
Comparative Literature
2012–2013 Peter Johnson 2013 Egyptology & Ancient Western Asian Studies    
2012–2013 Zack Mezera 2013 Religious Studies
Public Policy
2012–2013 Catharine Savage 2013 History    
2011–2012 Elizabeth Caldwell 2012 History    
2011–2012 Gabriella Ferrari 2012 Classics
Slavic Studies
2011–2012 Juan Ruiz-Toro 2012 History    
2011–2012 Sabrina Skau 2012 Anthropology    
2010–2011 Benjamin Hyman 2011 Comparative Literature
International Relations
2010–2011 Dylan Nelson 2011 Music
Multimedia and Electronic Music Experiments (MEME)
2010–2011 Isabel Parkes 2011 German Studies
Hispanic Studies
2010–2011 Janet Zong 2011 English
International Relations
2009–2010 Joseph Bendaña 2011 Philosophy
International Relations
2009–2010 Colleen Brogan 2010 History of Art and Semiotics
French Studies
2009–2010 Dong Li 2011 Comparative Literature    
2009–2010 Arthur Matuszewski 2011 Revolutionary Studies    
2009–2010 Zachary McCune 2010 Modern Culture and Media    
2008–2009 Zohar Atkins 2010 Classics
Judaic Studies
2008–2009 Colin Lentz 2009 Religious Studies
2008–2009 Reem Yusuf 2009 Archaeology
Visual Arts