Collaborative Humanities Initiative

Director: Amanda Anderson, Andrew W. Mellon Professor of English and Humanities

The Collaborative Humanities Initiative promotes collaborative practices that expand or transform modes of research, teaching, and learning in the humanities and across disciplines. Through dedicated events and courses, the Initiative fosters an expanded sense of intellectual community for scholars and students dedicated to thinking together across disciplines, frameworks, and locations.

Our collaborative formats provide challenging spaces of interaction that help scholars and students crystallize problems and advance their insights. Setting into question disciplinary habits of communication, they reinvigorate generally shared pedagogies as well as open a space for curricular innovation.

In both its content and structure, the Collaborative Humanities Initiative resonates with Brown University’s emphasis on collaborative, cross-disciplinary, and interdisciplinary approaches as articulated in its strategic plan. It advances the important ways in which the humanities contribute to understanding and meeting the grand challenges facing society and the world.

As part of the Collaborative Humanities Initiative, the Cogut Institute supports, through its Collaborative Humanities Course Award, the development of new collaborative undergraduate courses across disciplines, divisions, and schools. In the spirit of Brown’s open curriculum, the Graduate Certificate in Collaborative Humanities promotes forms of inquiry that adapt the resources of different disciplines to defined areas of research or specific research problems. Specially designed collaborative seminars and undergraduate collaborative courses explore long-range problems and questions as well as more timely and urgent issues. These programs offer students the opportunity to practice and further develop their collaborative skills.