Environmental Humanities Courses

The following courses in environmental humanities are regularly offered at Brown University. We welcome course submissions and updates here

Course Number Course Title Faculty Recent Offerings
AMST 1950 Pursuit of Happiness: Environmental Justice and Indigenous Rights Ron Potvin and Lorén Spears Spring 2019
ANTH 0110 Anthropology and Global Social Problems: Environment, Development, and Governance Sarah Besky Fall 2017, Spring 2019
ARCH 0680 Water, Culture, and Power Tyler Franconi Spring 2020
CLAS 0765 Witches and Vixens: Nasty Women in Ancient Greece and Rome Sasha-Mae Eccleston Fall 2017, Fall 2018, Fall 2019
ENGL 1900J Zoopoetics Ada Smailbegovic Spring 2020
ENGL 1901G Tiny Politics: Non-Monumental Ecologies and Poetic Forms of Attention Ada Smailbegovic Fall 2018
ENGL 2761S Naturalism and the Anthropocene Stuart Burrows Spring 2020
ENGL 2761R
HMAN 2401
Metaphor/Matter/Time: Literature and the Changing Earth Ada Smailbegovic and Thangam Ravindranathan Fall 2020
ENVS 0150 Climate Futures and a Sociology of Just Transitions J. Robert Timmons, with Damian White (RISD) Fall 2017, Fall 2018, Fall 2019
ENVS 0710 Powering the Past: Environmental Histories of Energy Use and Social Change Bathsheba Demuth Fall 2018
ENVS 1557 Birding Communities Nancy Jacobs Fall 2019
ENVS 1910 The Anthropocene: The Past and Present of Environmental Change Bathsheba Demuth Spring 2018, Fall 2020
ENVS 1915 Histories of Global Wetlands Brian Lander Spring 2020
ENVS 1916 Animals and Plants in Chinese History Brian Lander Spring 2019
ENVS 1926 Wasted: Rethinking Chemical Environments Scott Frickel Fall 2020
ENVS 1928 Race and the Politics of Nature: Intersecting Histories and Political Ecologies Kai Bosworth Spring 2019
FREN 1900M La question animale Thangam Ravindranathan Spirng 2020
HISP 1330X The Nature of Conquest: Scientific Literatures of the Americas Iris Montero Spring 2017, Spring 2019, Spring 2020
HISP 1331A Writing Animals in the Iberian Atlantic Iris Montero Spring 2018
HIST 0150H Foods and Drugs in History Harold (Hal) Cook Fall 2017, Fall 2018, Fall 2019
HIST 0270A From Fire Wielders to Empire Builders: Human Impact on the Global Environment before 1492 Brian Lander Fall 2017, Fall 2018
HIST 0270B From the Columbian Exchange to Climate Change: Modern Global Environmental History Bathsheba Demuth Spring 2018, Spring 2019
HIST 0576A The Arctic: Global History from the Dog Sled to the Oil Rig Bathsheba Demuth Spring 2019
HIST 1820B Environmental History of East Asia Brian Lander Spring 2020
HIST 1976C Animal, Vegetable, Mineral: Environmental Histories of Non-Human Actors Nancy Jacobs Spring 2020
HIST 1976G Animals Histories Nancy Jacobs Spring 2019
HIST 1976I Imperialism and Environmental Change Brian Lander Fall 2019
HMAN 2400I

Environmental Humanities
Spring 2019: Into the Wild: Thinking Democracy Ecologically
Fall 2020

Spring 2019: Mark Cladis and Sharon Krause
Fall 2020: Bathsheba Demuth and Lukas Rieppel

Spring 2019, Fall 2020
LACA 1504G Arts of the Environment in the Americas Nicolas Campisi Spring 2020
LATN 2020G Writing Human/Nature in the Roman Empire Sasha-Mae Eccleston Spring 2018
LITR 1150A Ecopoetics in Practice Eleni Sikelianos Fall 2018
LITR 1152N Ecopoetics in Action Eleni Sikelianos Fall 2020
MUSC 1921 Music, Nature, Ecology Joshua Tucker Spring 2019
RELS 0260 Religion Gone Wild: Spirituality and the Environment Mark Cladis Spring 2020
RELS 2110B Radical American Romanticism: Democratic and Environmental Traditions in America Mark Cladis Spring 2021
SOC 2385 Environmental Sociology Scott Frickel Fall 2020
STS 0400 The Phoenix and the Hummingbird: Stories of Nature from the Classics to iNaturalist Iris Montero Spring 2016, Fall 2018

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