Environmental Humanities Faculty

The following faculty pursue teaching and research interests in environmental humanities at Brown University and are affiliated with the Environmental Humanities Initiative. Please let us know here if you would like to be affiliated with Environmental Humanities at Brown. 

Sarah Besky, Anthropology and International and Public Affairs
Mark Cladis, Religious Studies
Harold (Hal) Cook, History
Bathsheba Demuth, History and Institute at Brown for Environment and Society
Sasha-Mae Eccleston, Classics
Paja Faudree, Anthropology
Thalia Field, Literary Arts
Elizabeth Hoover, American Studies
Nancy Jacobs, History
Perry Keisha-Khan, Africana Studies
Sharon Krause, Political Science
Brian Lander, History and Institute at Brown for Environment and Society
Iris Montero, Hispanic Studies
Ron Potvin, Public Humanities
Thangam Ravindranathan, French Studies
Lukas Rieppel, History
Eleni Sikelianos, Literary Arts
Ada Smailbegovic, English
Suzanne Stewart-Steinberg, Pembroke Center for Teaching and Research on Women, Comparative Literature, and Italian Studies
Jeff Titon, Music
Joshua Tucker, Music

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