Faculty Fellowships

The Cogut Institute for the Humanities sponsors semester-long fellowships for Brown faculty members who wish to be affiliated with and resident at the Institute while pursuing their research on campus. All regular Brown University faculty (i.e. lecturers, senior lecturers, tenure-track, and tenured faculty) are eligible to apply for the fellowships. Each year, up to eight fellowships are awarded, to be distributed evenly over the fall semester and spring semesters. Each faculty fellow receives a research/instructional fund in the amount of $2000.

“It was wonderful to have this fellowship.  It gave me more time than I would have had in a usual semester to work on my research; it provided a forum for getting comments on that research; and it allowed me to make connections with scholars across a variety of areas.”
—Lynne Joyrich, Modern Culture and Media
Faculty Fellow, 2014–2015

Applications are reviewed by a committee of distinguished scholars from outside Brown and evaluated for both scholarly merit and the likelihood that a collective experience will enhance and be enriched by the proposed research project. Research projects must be humanistic in character but need not necessarily come from members of designated humanities departments. Fellows attend a weekly seminar consisting of a two-hour discussion of a pre-circulated essay or chapter from the work in progress.  Applicants may choose one of two options:

Option 1:
Faculty members may apply for a faculty fellowship that will not count as a leave semester. In this format, a Cogut Institute Faculty Fellow will teach one semester-long seminar on a topic related to the proposed research project, and will carry out the usual administrative duties, but will be relieved of regular teaching responsibilities.  In addition, faculty members applying under the non-sabbatical option are invited to propose a seminar to be taught jointly with another prospective faculty fellow. Each application will be considered individually by the external selection committee; the option of the team-taught class has been approved by the Dean of Faculty should both applicants receive faculty fellowships.

Option 2:
Faculty members eligible for 75% sabbatical may apply for a fellowship that will count as a full sabbatical semester. In this format, a Cogut Institute faculty fellowship relieves the faculty member from all teaching and administrative duties. Faculty members will receive the remaining 25% from the university (i.e. up to 12 ½ % of the annual salary in the case of a full academic year's sabbatical).

Faculty with 100% sabbaticals in the upcoming year are encouraged to apply for Option 1 in the other semester of the year in which they hold the sabbatical. 

To apply for consideration, the applicant must submit the following:

1.     A curriculum vitae.

2.     A copy of a scholarly paper (35 pages or fewer).

3.     A one-page abstract and (if available) a more detailed proposal outlining the research that the applicant will pursue during the term of the fellowship; applicants are also encouraged to submit a working bibliography for their project.

4.     A seminar proposal (for those applying under option 1, as above). The proposal should address the novelty of the proposed course and indicate those departments and/or programs to which it may be relevant. This proposal should include course title and description as it would appear in Banner.

5.     Two letters of recommendation from senior colleagues from within or outside Brown to whom candidates should send their research proposal. Letters of recommendation should include an evaluation of the candidate's proposed research proposal. Referees should be instructed to send their letters electronically to melissa_shein@brown.edu .  The Institute must receive all recommendation letters by the application deadline.

Please indicate in your cover letter your preference of semester (Fall 2017 or Spring 2018) and your degree of flexibility should the alternative semester have more availability. The applicant should submit one electronic copy to:  melissa_shein@brown.edu.

Applicants are also asked to send a copy of their application to their departmental chairs so that the chairs are made aware of possible replacement teaching needs.  

Former fellows:
Faculty members who have previously held fellowships may apply for the alternative option to their previous faculty fellowship after three years. This means that a sabbatical semester at the Cogut Institute can be followed by a teaching fellowship after three years, and vice versa. All applications remain competitive and require approval of relevant department chairs. Former fellows may apply for the same fellowship option after six years.

Application process opens October 16; deadline is December 15, 2017. Selections are made by a committee of external evaluators. Assignments will be reviewed for final approval by the Dean of the Faculty in order to coordinate the overall pattern of leaves in various departments. Decisions will be announced by early February 2018.

Please direct all questions to Cogut Institute Academic Programs Coordinator.