Faculty Fellowships

The Cogut Institute for the Humanities sponsors semester-long fellowships for Brown faculty members who are eligible for a semester sabbatical that they wish to extend to a year of leave. Fellows will receive a one-semester leave on special assignment, at full salary and benefits, to augment their sabbatical leave as well as a research fund in the amount of $2,000. Fellows are expected to spend one semester in residence at the Institute, to participate in the weekly seminar, and to teach a course related to their research at the Institute within two years of holding the Fellowship. All regular Brown faculty (lecturer-track, tenured, and tenure-track faculty) who have not held a Cogut Faculty Fellowship in the previous six years are eligible to apply. Each year, up to eight fellowships are awarded, distributed evenly over the fall and spring semesters. 

To apply for the Faculty Fellows Program, faculty must:

  • be eligible for a one-semester partial or full-salary sabbatical or scholarly leave; 
  • be a member of the regular Brown faculty (lecturer-track, tenured, and tenure-track faculty); 
  • commit to teaching an HMAN course (may be cross-listed with home department) within two years, based on the research done during the fellowship year; 
  • have not received a Cogut Faculty Fellowship to support or extend a sabbatical in the past six years; and, 
  • have the support of their department chair for the fellowship proposal and the eventual course offering. Department chairs should be aware that the Institute will not supply funds for teaching replacement. 

Applications are not open at this time. Applicants must submit the following materials:

1. A curriculum vitae.
2. A copy of a scholarly paper (35 pages or fewer).
3. A one-page research project abstract.
4. A more detailed research proposal (1,200–2,200 words, excluding the bibliography). The proposal should outline the research that the applicant will pursue during the term of the fellowship. Applicants are also encouraged to submit a working bibliography for their project.
5. A tentative seminar title and abstract (100–200 words). We anticipate that seminar plans may undergo modification as your research project develops over the course of the fellowship year.

In addition, applicants should request:

1. Two letters of recommendation from senior colleagues from within or outside Brown University to whom candidates should send their research proposal. Letters of recommendation should include an evaluation of the candidate's research proposal. Referees should be instructed to send their letters electronically to humanities-institute@brown.edu. The Institute must receive all recommendation letters by the application deadline.
2. A formal approval of the application by their department chair(s), to be emailed to humanities-institute@brown.edu. Applicants should send a copy of their application to their departmental chairs so that the chairs are made aware of possible replacement teaching needs. Department chairs must approve: a) the possibility that the applicant may hold a one-semester fellowship at the Cogut Institute in the course of the next academic year, and b) the semester when the applicant would teach a Cogut Institute seminar.

Please direct all questions to Cogut Institute Academic Programs Coordinator.