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Political Concepts at Brown: A Critical Lexicon in the Making

Political Concepts at Brown 
is an interdisciplinary project associated with The Political Concepts Initiative organized by a group of scholars from Columbia University, NYU and the New School, and Brown University. The project comprises conferences (annual conference at the Cogut Institute, Brown and in New York), a peer review journal, workshops and reading groups. Its aim is threefold:

1.    To revise key concepts in contemporary political discourse and introduce new concepts necessary for understanding a rapidly changing global reality.

2.    To generate an ongoing, critical, multidisciplinary and multicultural conversation in political theory and on the politics of contemporary theory that will involve the community of the humanities and the humanistic social sciences within the university, and among research institutions worldwide.  

3.    To practice and reflect upon various types of conceptual performances and to posit conceptual performance itself as an object of comparative, historical, literary, and philosophical studies.