Mellon Graduate Student Workshops

The Mellon Graduate Student Workshops, established by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, are intended to facilitate dissertation completion and to foster communication across disciplines within the academy. The workshops are student-led and address questions relevant to the research of the participants. Participation allows graduate students to present work beyond the bounds of their departments, meet and interact with faculty and scholars from other disciplines, and explore common research questions from a variety of perspectives. See a list of current and past workshops

The groups serve as regular forums to discuss their participants’ writing and explore topics of mutual interest, thus fostering collaboration and dialogue. With a budget of up to $3,700, each group is encouraged to bring visitors to campus who will enable their participants to refine their writing and promote new depths of understanding in their work. Graduate student coordinators also receive a $2,000 stipend. The Cogut Institute normally sponsors five workshops per year. Criteria for successful proposals include strong conceptualization of the topic and the likelihood of attracting students to the workshop.

The workshop program is administered by graduate student coordinators and a faculty coordinator, with support from the Cogut Institute staff. The current faculty coordinator is Dana Gooley, Professor of Music.


One graduate student coordinates each workshop. Only students who expect to have successfully completed their qualifying exams by the start of the fall semester are eligible to apply. The student coordinator organizes meetings, hosts speakers, and sees to the overall administration of the workshop. Graduate student coordinators receive a $2,000 stipend.

Workshops are eligible for renewal in succeeding years on the basis of a review of written evaluations and of their ability to continue to draw participants, to elicit dissertation progress, and where appropriate, to stimulate multidisciplinary research.


Mellon Graduate Workshops focus on intellectual problems or topics of interest to students writing their dissertations. Multidisciplinary initiatives are encouraged as well as disciplinary based seminars. Applications must be completed by an eligible graduate student, with topics proposed in the humanities or humanistic social science.

There will be no call for applications this 2019–20 academic yearYour proposal, in Word or PDF format, should include:

  1. A workshop title
  2. A short (i.e., 100 word) summary of the intellectual focus of the workshop
  3. A longer description of the workshop’s intellectual focus and inter-disciplinary dimensions (1,000 words)
  4. A preliminary workshop bibliography of core works
  5. A list of projected attendees
  6. A list of proposed external visitors
  7. The names of one or more faculty sponsors
  8. A preliminary budget, up to $3,700 (see a sample budget to use as a template. Please be sure to populate the 'generic' fields, like 'Speaker 1', etc.)

Please send completed applications to [email protected] with"Mellon Workshops Application" as the subject line.

Questions? Please email [email protected].