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The Importance of Not Knowing, Earnestly

Creative Medicine's own Jay Baruch, MD, recently addressed a medical conference in Dublin, Ireland.  Jay emphasized the importance of physicians setting aside what they think they already know in order to listen, in earnest, to what their patients are telling them.  Read all about it in this Irish Medical Times article.


New $1.3 Million Mellon Grant Supports New Collaborative Humanities Program at Cogut Center

This exciting, new collaborative humanities grant — which comes at a time when the Trump administration’s proposed federal budget calls for eliminating the National Endowment for the Humanities and the National Endowment for the Arts, two major sources of funding for these fields of study — will enable Brown to strengthen the role of the humanities on campus through course development, a new model for graduate study across academic disciplines and enhanced professional development for doctoral candidates in the humanities. 

More information about the grant and the Collaborative Humanities program.

The Human(ities) and the Insect

On March 23, Edward Melillo, Professor of History and Environmental Studies at Amhert College, came to Brown to speak to Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow Claire Brault's class ("Feminist Thoughts on a Heated Climate") and deliver a public talk on insects, how we share their world, and how they impact ours.  Read more about the talk in this Brown Daily Herald article.


Piano Man!

A familiar face to Cogut Center audiences appeared in a recent feature article in alumni on-line publication Brunonia.  Composer and pianist Benjamin Nacar '12 caught the attention of one of their writers at a concert at Pembroke Hall last fall.  They sat down for an interview and it became apparent that Ben's story, while unique to him and his particular talents, was also echoed in the stories of so many Brown students:  the diverse interests and passions that make up our well-rounded student body.  Ben, a Classics and Computer Science concentrator, also happens to be a world-class pianist and composer.  And, as he points out in the interview, he's not alone in his mixing of the sciences and the arts.  "If you look at the makeup of the Orchestra for example, the majority are not music concentrators:  half might be engineers." Congratulations on this recognition, Ben!  Well deserved!

Ben's next concert, with the accompaniment of the Spritzig Quartet, will be at Pembroke Hall 305 on April 14 at 7:00pm.  Join us!

We're Ready for our Close-up, Mr. Bogosian

Did you know you might have a movie studio in your pocket?  Visiting Professor of the Practice Ted Bogosian recently explained to the on-line alumni publication Brunonia that one of his goals in teaching his Filmmaking with iPhones class is to encourage students to discover their creativity, and shape their visions, using this ubiquitous piece of technology.  Students from every discipline flock to Ted's classes and each semester they continue to amaze him with their originality and resourcefulness.

Graduate Certificate in Collaborative Humanities

The Cogut Center for the Humanities announces a new Graduate Certificate in Collaborative Humanities, available to students pursuing doctorates in the humanities and the humanistic social sciences.  This unique and intensive program promotes interactive forms of cross-disciplinary work oriented toward the most challenging questions facing humanities research today. Collaboration is built into the teaching model as well as the requirements for students.  For more information.

Everyday Creativity, in your Pocket!

Check out what Brown students in Prof. Ted Bogosian’s filmmaking class have been up to all year!  The nano-documentary "Students as Makers:  Filmmaking with iPhones" follows the fun and challenges of iPhone filmmaking in HMAN1971S, a course offered by the Cogut Center and sponsored by Arts@Brown.  Brown is ahead of the curve in offering this innovative course and the Cogut Center is pleased to be able to offer it in both semesters 2016-17.

Amanda Anderson Delivers Clarendon Lectures

Cogut Center Director Amanda Anderson has been invited to deliver the 2015-16 Clarendon Lectures in English at Oxford University.  Between November 10-19, 2015 Amanda will deliver four lectures on the theme of "Psyche and Ethos."  Presented jointly by  Oxford University Press and the English Faculty at Oxford, these prestigious lectures have featured many prominent writers and academics, including Margaret Atwood, Henry Louis Gates, Michael Woods, David Bromwich, Quentin Skinner, and Thomas Keymer.

Brown and the Birth of the NEH

September 2015 saw the 50th anniversary of the founding of the National Endowment for the Humanities.  How did we celebrate at Brown?  With scholarship, of course!  Read more about Brown's special connection to the NEH.

The Humanities Initiative

Background, Funding, Nominations

How it all works

President Christina Paxson Makes the Case for the Humanities

"...we know in our bones that secular humanism 
is one of the greatest sources of strength 
we possess as a nation."

Read more.