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2010-2011 Voss Fellows' Projects

The Science and Policy of Nitrogen Management in Narragansett Bay 
Caroline Scanlan, Brown University
Jeremy Rich, Asst. Professor, Environmental Studies/Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Tom Uva, Narragansett Bay Commission

Charting a New Course: Mapping Knowledge and Attitudes toward Competitor or Nuisance Marine Species under Different Fisheries Management Regimes
Barbara Santisteban, Brown University
Caroline Karp, Senior Lecturer, Environmental Studies
Robert Ballou, RI Department of Environmental Management Marine Fisheries & Margaret Petruny-Parker, Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation

Developing Strategies for Effective Implementation of Managed Relocation
Ariana Spawn, Brown University
Dov Sax, Asst. Professor, Environmental Studies/Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Nancy Green, US Fish and Wildlife Service

Cape Cod Salt Marsh Die-off
Eric Van Arsdale, Brown University
Mark Bertness, Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Steve Smith, Cape Cod National Seashore & Bob Prescott, Massachusetts Audubon Society

Narragansett Bay Eutrophication: Understanding the Bay’s History of Primary Production through Sediment Core Analysis
Devon Cupery, Brown University
Warren Prell/Tim Herbert, Professors, Geological Sciences
Chris Deacutis, Narragansett Bay Estuarine Program

Sustainable Rehabilitation as Historic Preservation: An Analysis and Redesign of the Herreshoff Marine Museum
Michelle Flagg, Brown University
Christopher Bull, Senior Research Engineer/Senior Lecturer, Engineering
David Ford, Herreshoff Marine Museum

Regulation of Potentially Toxic Chemicals: Keeping Pace with a Changing Landscape
Cecilia Springer, Brown University
Kim Boekelheide, Professor Bio Med Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Robert Vanderslice, RI Department of Health

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