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EJ Solidarities: Connections Across Movements and Moments in the Era of Covid

Sep 25, 2020

This talk will launch IBES's Fall '20 Environmental Justice (EJ) Speaker Series.

Dean's Assistant Professor of Environment and Society and Anthropology Myles Lennon will first offer a broad introduction to EJ activism and research, with a focus on connections across movements and moments. Building on these connections, he will then draw from his research to propose a praxis for forging "supply chain solidarities" in the solar energy industry between marginalized communities of color in the Global North and Global South. This praxis repurposes the EJ concept of co-pollutants to reimagine antiracist community-based solar campaigns in ways that deemphasize consumer power in the interest of people power. He suggests that such solidarities are essential to continuing the EJ movement's tradition of forming connections as we work toward more inclusive green economies in a post-Covid world.

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