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Fluidity: Knowing Water in the Americas (Earth, Itself)

Apr 3, 2018
John Carter Brown Library

Fluidity: Knowing Water in the Americas is the kick-off symposium of IBES's 2018 Earth, Itself event, Water's Edge.

3:00pm (John Carter Brown Library): 
Sound installation: Sourcing the Stream (Wendy Woodson, Amherst)
Symposium: Fluidity: Knowing Water in the Americas
Introduction: Neil Safier
· Katherine Ibbett (Caroline de Jager Fellow, Trinity College at University of Oxford)
· Bathsheba Demuth (Assistant Professor of History, IBES)
· Noor Johnson (Research Scientist, National Snow and Ice Data Center)
· John F. López (Fellow, John Carter Brown Library)

5:00pm (John Carter Brown Library):
Opening reception
· Introductions: Lenore Manderson, Forrest Gander

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