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International Symposium on Brazil’s Model of Low Carbon Sustainable Development

Apr 17, 2015 - Apr 18, 2015
Watson Institute

On April 17th and 18th, Brown University is convening an international symposium to discuss Brazil’s approach to low carbon sustainable development with a focus on territorial planning and international negotiations in the face of climate change. This exciting symposium brings together cutting edge natural and social scientific research with discussions of current and future policy. Research presentations will cover regional climate change in Brazil; land use change and deforestation; and environmental, agricultural, and forest policy and governance. Discussion panels will provide a forum for scholars and policymakers to reflect on management of Brazilian territory for agriculture, forest, and other uses; and on Brazil’s role in international climate change negotiations. Participants come from government, universities, and NGOs across Brazil, and from universities in the US and Canada.

Watch the webcast here.

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