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Environmental Studies and Sciences Undergrad Summer Research and Internship Awards

March 19, 2018

Applications may be submitted through Brown UFunds beginning March 23, 2018

Application Due Date:  Friday, April 13, 2018

IBES is pleased to announce the availability of funding for substantive summer research and internship experiences in fields relevant to the environmental studies and sciences concentrations at Brown.  These awards are for ENVS concentrators who were not eligible to receive university funding, or whose applications for funding were not accepted (ie. LINK, UTRA, Royce, Voss).  Students who apply for the IBES award, but are offered summer 2018 funding from another source, MUST accept that opportunity in lieu of IBES Funding.  

Eligible students who receive summer funding from a source that does not offer a summer earnings waiver may request to receive an IBES DSEW.  For instance an ENVS concentrator who accepted a Royce Fellowship may ask IBES to provide them with a Department Summer Earnings Waiver (DSEW). 

Each awardee will be required to submit a feedback form at the end of their research/internship experience.  In addition, the external organization or mentor the awardee worked with, will be asked to submit a feedback form.

Eligibility: These awards are available to Environmental Studies and Environmental Sciences concentrators who will be enrolled as juniors or seniors at Brown in fall 2018. 


  • $3,500 stipend (domestic projects), $5,000 stipend (international projects)
  • $3,200 Department Summer Earnings Waiver (DSEW) awards for students who qualify


  1. These awards are designed to fund significant summer experiences that involve full-time or close to full-time commitments over an 8-12 week period.  
  2. These awards may not be combined with other funding from Brown, such as UTRAs, Voss, Royce, or Link. However, students receiving partial funding from an employer or organization not connected to the university may receive supplemental support from IBES, if the experience will enhance their education.

Application Due Date:  Friday, April 13, 2018

Applications Should be Submitted via Brown UFUNDS and Must Include the Following:

  1. The name and contact information for the individual (e.g., a faculty member at Brown or another university) or organization that you plan to work with this summer
  2. The length of the position (number of weeks) and estimated number of hours per week that you expect to work for this individual or organization during the summer
  3. Describe (fewer than 300 words) the work you expect to conduct for the individual/organization
  4. Define (fewer than 300 words) how you believe this experience will benefit you academically and professionally
  5. List other funding opportunities you have applied to (including pending applications)
  6. A Supervisor Statement Form and Letter must be uploaded to UFUNDS by Friday, April 20, 2018.  The Supervisors letter must include: 
    1. Organization or research project description
    2. Opportunity description including:  
      1. How this experience will advance the core mission of the organization/researcher and the potential impact of the student’s work 
      2. Extent of organization/mentor engagement, supervision and support of the student
  7. Confirmation that student is in consideration or has been offered/accepted the opportunity. Click here to download the Supervisor Form.

For a PDF of the application guidelines, please click here


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