Institute at Brown for Environment and SocietyIBES

Conservation Science and Policy (CSP) Track Requirements

Requirements for AB Degree

Ecology - Select One
BIOL 0420 Principles of Ecology

Conservation - Select One
BIOL 1470 Conservation Biology

Ecology & Conservation Topics - Select One
BIOL 0455 Coastal Ecology and Conservation
BIOL 1450 Community Ecology
BIOL 1480 Terrestrial Biogeochemistry

Policy - Select One
ENVS 1415 Power, Justice, and Climate Change
ENVS 1575 Engaged Climate Policy
ENVS 1615 Making Connections: Env. Policy Process
ENVS 1755 Globalization and the Environment
ENVS 1925 Energy Policy and Politics

Statistics - Select One
APMA 0650 Essential Statistics
APMA 1650 Statistical Inference I
BIOL 0495 Statistical Analysis of Biological Data
ECON 1620 Introduction to Econometrics

Additional Requirements for ScB Degree

Math - Select One
MATH 0090 Introductory Calculus, Part I

Evolution - Select One
BIOL 0480 Evolutionary Biology
Organismal Diversity - Select One
BIOL 0410 Invertebrate Zoology
BIOL 0430 The Evolution of Plant Diversity
BIOL 0940C Sophomore Seminar: Insect Biology
BIOL 0940D Rhode Island Flora
BIOL 1880 Comparative Biology of the Vertebrates

Env. Econ - Select One
ENVS 1350  Environmental Economics and Policy

Tools - Select One
GEOL 1320 Intro to GIS for Environmental Applications
GEOL 1330 Global Environmental Remote Sensing
SOC 1340 Principles and Methods of GIS
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