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Lenore Manderson receives Faculty Leadership Award for her “Writing on Water” event for the 2018 Earth Itself program

We are happy to announce IBES Fellow Lenore Manderson will be working with Professor Forrest Gander (Literary Arts) and Jo-Ann Conklin (Director of the Bell Gallery) on the 2018 Earth Itself event “Writing with Water”, which will be part of the “Water’s Edge” program.

The “Writing on Water” colloquium aims to involve people who write about water and the environment in the domains of creative non-fiction, fiction and poetry. Through these media, knowledge and appreciation of the natural environment, the elements, the complexity of form and function, stewardship, custodianship and assaults, are made accessible to a wider public.  Writers participating in the first panel – Passages and Landfall - will draw on the forms of essays, memoirs and poetry – and will explore the ocean and the shore as a site of the imagination. The second panel - Solids/Liquids – will invite creative non-fiction writers from diverse genre to read their work, and reflect on the challenges of capturing the nature of water, as solid and liquid, in text. 


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