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Jennifer Bates

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Archaeology and the Ancient World

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Jennifer Bates is an archaeobotanist with a special interest in the Indus Civilisation of South Asia. Jennifer is interested in the choices people make regarding their uses of plants and how this can reflect broader social, cultural and environmental issues. Her PhD work (University of Cambridge) explored whether village life was affected by the rise and fall of urban centres in northwest India c.3200-1500BC. Jennifer’s first post-doctoral project (Trevelyan Research Fellow, Selwyn College, University of Cambridge) expanded on these themes by reconstructing the dietary and agricultural activities of people on the borders of an urban civilisation to further our knowledge about ‘peripheral’ societies and how their daily lives were affected by social change. At Brown (hosted by the Joukowsky) Jenifer’s research will move back to look at villages within the Indus Civilization. The multi-proxy project ‘Life in Indus households: analysis of SPatial ACtivity Environments in villages in the Indus Civilisation of South Asia’ (SPACE) will creatively employ a range of microbotanical techniques (phytoliths and microcharcoal), faecal spherulites and geochemical analysis to investigate the variety of activities that could leave a signature in the surfaces of domestic spaces in the Indus Civilisation of South Asia (c.3200-1300BC).

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