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Jiajue Chai

Assistant Professor of Environment and Society (Research)

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Jiajue Chai is a physical and atmospheric chemist, with expertise in instrumental development, experimental and theoretical chemical dynamics, as well as kinetic modeling. His past research includes experimental and theoretical study the species and reactions that are crucial for air pollution and global climate change. As a postdoctoral research associate in Professor Meredith Hastings’ group, Jiajue is currently developing the instrumentation and validating the methods for collecting atmospheric nitrous acid, an extremely important atmospheric species that strongly determines the atmospheric oxidation capacity. This enables him to investigate the isotopic signature of different sources and deepen the understanding of global nitrogen cycling. Besides, Jiajue is interested in theoretical investigation and kinetic modeling of kinetic isotope effect.

Before joining in Professor Hastings’ group, Jiajue completed a two-year postdoctoral research in combustion chemistry with Professor Franklin Goldsmith in the School of Engineering at Brown. Jiajue got his Ph.D. training in atmospheric chemistry by Dr. Theodore Dibble at SUNY-College of Environmental Science and Forestry.

Outside of work, Jiajue enjoys tennis, singing and piano.

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