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Juliane Schlag

Voss Postdoctoral Research Associate in Environment and Society

Email Address: 
[email protected]

Juliane is a historical geographer working on the history of forests in the northern hemisphere. Her past research examined the composition changes of local forests in New England during the colonial transition period  1500-1850 AD. Using pollen data modeling alongside archaeological and historical information, Juliane looked at the cultural and ecological structures which defined the post-colonial landscape and human interactions with the natural world. For her post-doc project, Juliane will look at the Japanese colonial forests in Asia and changes in their taxa composition associated with colonization.

Juliane earned her bachelor’s degree in Japanese Studies and History from the University of Halle in Germany where she also received her master’s degree in History. For her research and studies, she spent some time in Japan, England, Korea before starting her Ph.D. Apart from her interests in historical geography and plant ecology, she likes to look at ancient belief and knowledge systems, ethnobotany and material culture.

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