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Graduate Students: Economics

Jamie examines topics in environment, economic development, and remote sensing. She investigates how air quality influences human health and industrial productivity, especially in the contexts of India and the United States. She also focuses on measuring natural resource productivity in conflict-afflicted settings.

Ken is currently working on three research projects relating to development and environmental issues. The first project uses household survey data from rural Zambia and looks at household consumption responses to weekly rainfall during agricultural season in order to test whether poor farmers can behave in a forward-looking way. The second project links the degree of cheating behavior with cultural and climatic factors by focusing on the prevalence of concurrent sexual partnerships in sub-Saharan Africa. Collecting Japanese historical data on private educational institutions (terakoya) in the Edo period, the third project empirically investigates the relationship between the number of terakoya and rainfall variability to test the hypothesis that educated commoners have opened such human capital enhancing institutions to cope with income volatility due to weather risk.

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