Institute at Brown for Environment and SocietyIBES


Anna Aizer

Professor of Economics

Medicaid, Child health, Child support, Domestic violence, Poverty, Welfare

Lint Barrage

Assistant Professor of Economics and Environmental Studies

Environmental and public economics, Policy design and analysis, Climate change, Integrated assessment climate-economy modeling

Jeff Colgan

Richard Holbrooke Associate Professor of Political Science and International Studies
Associate Professor of Political Science and International and Public Affairs

Nicholas Cuba

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Environment and Society

Dawn King

Director of Undergraduate Studies, IBES
Lecturer in Environment and Society

Local food policy and politics, US energy policy and politics, Climate change and agriculture

Bathsheba Demuth

Assistant Professor of History

Environmental history, Russian & North American Arctic, Climate, Energy

Andrew Foster

Professor of Economics
Director of the Population Studies and Training Center

Voluntary certification, Scale economies, Intergenerational economic mobility

Scott Frickel

Professor of Sociology

Environment-society interactions, Experts and knowledge/ignorance, Social movements, Social theory, Risk and disaster, Urbanization

Elizabeth Fussell

Associate Professor of Population Studies (Research) and Environment and Society

Human migration and environment, weather-related disasters, Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans, social inequality

Justine Hastings

Professor of International and Public Affairs
Professor of Economics
Director of Rhode Island Innovative Policy Lab

Industrial organization, Energy markets, Environmental and public policy design

Nancy Jacobs

Professor of History

Colonial African history, Southern African history, Animal history, Environmental history, History of science

Richard Locke

Professor of Political Science and International and Public Affairs

Globalization and labor standards, Sustainability, Global supply chains

John Logan

Professor of Sociology

Disaster, Urban sustainability, Population

Lenore Manderson

Visiting Professor of Environmental Studies

Medical anthropology, Environmental changes on infectious disease, Social determinants, Social aspects of biodiversity

J. Timmons Roberts

Ittleson Professor of Environmental Studies
Professor of Sociology
Climate and Development Lab 

Climate change policy, Environmental social science, UNFCCC, Climate justice

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