Faculty and Staff

Department Faculty

Cristina Abbona-Sneider 
Sr. Lecturer and Director of Language Studies, Concentration Advisor.

Office: 190 Hope St., Rm. 302 . Phone: (401) 863-3970

Ronald Martinez 
Professor of Italian Studies, Director of Graduate Studies.  

 Office: 190 Hope St., Rm. 308. Phone: (401) 863-3950

Caroline Castiglione 
Professor and Chair of Italian Studies; Professor of History 

Office: 190 Hope St., Rm. 205. Phone: (401) 863-2098

Massimo Riva
Royce Family Professor of Teaching Excellence, Professor of Italian Studies.  

Office: 190 Hope St., Rm 202. Phone: (401) 863-3984

David Kertzer 
Dupee University Professor, Professor of Anthropology and Italian Studies. 

 Office: 128 Hope St. Phone: (401) 863-3251

Suzanne Stewart-Steinberg
Professor of Italian Studies and Comparative Literature, Director of the Pembroke Center for Teaching and Research on Women. 

Office: 190 Hope St., Rm 301. Phone: (401) 863-3380


Evelyn Lincoln 
Professor of History of Art and Architecture and Italian Studies
Office: List Art Center. Phone: (401) 863-3349

Stephen Marth, Lecturer in Italian Studies (assigned to the Brown Center in Bologna)


Mona Delgado
Admin. Academic Department Coordinator, (401) 863-1561
190 Hope St., Room 203-A 

Post-Doctoral Fellow

 Alessandra FrancoPost-Doctoral Fellow in Italian Studies (2016-16)

Nicole GerckePost-Doctoral Fellow in Italian Studies (2015-16)

Nicola Perugini, Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow in Italian and Middle-East Studies, Cogut Center for the Humanities (2014-16)

Antonella Sisto, Post-Doctoral Fellow in Italian Studies (2014-16)

Affiliated Faculty

Mary Bergstein, Professor of History of Art and Visual Culture, Rhode Island School of Design

Lina Fruzzetti, Professor of Anthropology (Brown)

Dana Gooley, Associate Professor of Music (Brown)

Dietrich Neumann,  Professor of History of Art and Architecture, Director of Urban Studies (Brown)

Tara Nummedal, Associate Professor of History, Director of Science and Technology Studies (Brown)

Peter van DommelenJoukowsky Family Professor of Archaeology and Professor of Anthropology (Brown)

Faculty Emeriti


Dedda De Angelis, Senior Lecturer of Italian Studies, Emerita

Anthony Oldcorn, Professor of Italian Studies, Emeritus