Honors Thesis and Capstone Project

Concentrators are encouraged to expand their understanding of Italian language, history, or culture through independent research that will result in a thesis, a translation, or a multimedia project, developed in consultation with the undergraduate concentration advisor and a faculty member. The Honors thesis in Italian Studies is a two-semester thesis. A Capstone experience in Italian Studies would consist of a course or project that a student, in consultation with the undergraduate advisor, feels would constitute a culminating experience in Italian Studies at Brown. This could also include the Brown Program in Bologna, typically taken in the Junior year. Students may also apply early in the semester for permission to designate one of their courses (100-level or above) a capstone course.  In consultation with the professor, students in capstone courses complete an independent research, writing, or multimedia project that is well beyond the required assignment for the course. Italian Studies 192 (independent study) may also be designated a capstone course with the permission of the instructor.  Students in capstone courses also present their final projects at the “senior conference,” described above.

The Honors thesis in Italian Students is a two-semester thesis.  Students who intend to complete an honors project should enroll for the first semester in Italian Studies 192 (independent study), and have their project approved by their advisor by October 15.  During the second semester, honors students enroll in Italian Studies 198 and continue to work with their advisor to complete the project.  The results of their research will be presented at the “senior conference,” described above.  Italian Studies 198 does not count as one of the eight courses required for the concentration.  

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