• ITALIAN Studies DUG Black History Month. Guest speaker: Fred Kuwornu,Against the backdrop of an urgent national conversation on race, it is also a pivotal moment for Italians to ask themselves whether Black lives matter in Italy and if the country is ready to reappraise the way in which it talks about itself. How can people define themselves as antiracist when Black people are excluded from the way in which Italy portrays itself, except in the use of stereotypes? When the horrors of Italian colonialism are scrubbed from history, or frozen out by collective memory? Fred Kuwornuis a filmmaker activist-producer-educator, born and raised in Italy and based in Brooklyn. His mother is an Italian Jew, and his father is a Ghanaian surgeon who has lived in Italy since the early 60’s. Fred Kuwornu holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Mass Media, from the University of Bologna.

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