Italian Studies Colloquium

The Italian Studies Colloquium is a bi-weekly forum for an exchange of ideas and work of the community of Italian scholars at Brown and invited outside scholars. Graduate students present their work in progress, and engage the work of faculty and visitors. Presentations in both Italian and English. All colloquium sessions (six per semester) are held in room 102 of 190 Hope Street at 12 noon- 1:30pm unless otherwise noted. For further information please contact: Mona Delgado, Dept. Manager, Italian Studies – Brown University (401) 863-1561 or

Calendar Fall 2018

Colloquium Fall 2018Colloquium Fall 2018Sept.14, noon-1:30pm: Allison Levy, Digital Scholarship Editor, Brown University: "Palazzo as Palimpset: The many lives of Palazzo Rucellai".

Sept. 28, noon-1:30pm: Lindsay Caplan, Post-doctoral Research Associate in History of Art and Architecture: "Ambienti Against Autonomy: Arte Programmata's Artistic Environments, 1964-1967".

Oct.12, noon-1:30pm: Mauro Canali, Prof. Contemporary History, Univ. of Camerino, Italy: "Il fascismo raccontato dal corrispondenti americani 1919-1845". *

Oct. 26, noon-1:30: Massimo Ciavolella, Frannklin D. Murphy Chair in Italian Renaissance Studies and Director of the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, University of California, Los Angeles: "Dante and Cinema". *

Nov.9, noon - 1:30pm: Eleonora Carboni, PhD Candidate in Italian Studies, "Narratives of Promiscuity and Incest in the Roman borgate: the case of Borgata Gordiani".

Nov. 30, noon - 1:30pm: Denis Looney, Professor of Italian Studies, Univ. of Pittsburgh; "Ariosto and the Art of Writing "in più d'una lingua e in più d'un stile".

*) New Interdiciplinary Directions in Italian Studies Lecture Series, Co-sponsored by the Charles Colver Lectureship

Calendar Spring 2018

Colloquium Spring 2018Colloquium Spring 2018Feb. 9, noon-1:30pm:  Informal Lunch for Italian Studies faculty and grad students with Alexander Stille, journalist, author, and faculty member at Columbia School of Journalism.

Feb. 23, noon-1:30pm:  Anna Santucci, PhD candidate in Italian Studies: “Performing Cultures - Teaching and Learning through Embodied Encounters”

March 2, noon-1:30pm: Francesca Zambon, PhD candidate in Italian Studies: "Antonin Artaud, Body and Anarchy: Tracing the Origins of an Italian Literature of Cruelty"

March 16, noon-1:30:Leonora Masini, PhD candidate in Italian Studies: Ways of Seeing Otherness: Colonial Representations in Italian Documentary (1909-2015)

April 6 and 7:  CHIASMI  Brown Harvard Graduate Student Conference - PERSPECTIVES ON ITALIAN DIFFERENCE - ITALIAN DIFFERENCES IN PERSPECTIVE - Petterutti Lounge

April 13, noon-1:30pm: Natalie Rothman, Associate Professor of History, University of Toronto: “Trans-Imperial Archives: Rethinking Spatial Knowledge Production in the Venetian-Ottoman Borderlands” *

April 27 , noon-1:30pm: Karen-edis Barzman, Professor of Art History at Binghamton University: "Maritime Borderlands - A Spatial History of Venetian Dalmatia (16th -18th Cs.)" *
*) Talk is part of New Horizons, Distant Shores: Italian Studies Today Lecture Series



Calendar Fall 2017




Sep. 15, noon-1:30pmWorkshop on Writing Successful Summer & Travel Grants: Amy Carroll, PhD,  Director of Research Development, Office of the Vice-President for Research; Graduate Student Presenter (via skype), Valeria Federici, PhD candidate, Italian Studies

Sep. 29, noon-1:30pmSara Colantuono, PhD Candidate in Brown Italian Studies:  "Towards New Expression. Italian Feminism, Feminist Art, and Cultural Memory"

Oct. 13, noon-1:30pm,  Alessandra di Maio, University of Palermo. “Italy Calls Africa: Rhymes and Images Across the Mediterranean.” *

Oct. 27, noon-1:30pm, Giancarlo Lombardi, City University of New York: "Serial Cult:Religion and Secularism in Transnational Television Drama"*

Nov. 10, noon-1:30pm, Diana Garvin, Post Doc. Fellow American Academy in Rome: “Singing Truth to Power: Melodic Resistance and Bodily Revolt in Italy’s Rice Fields.” *

Nov. 17, noon-1:30pm,  Nicola Perugini, U. of Edinburgh,  “'Hospitals-shields': The Italo-Ethiopian War and the Global Transformation of International Law.” *
*) Talk is part of New Horizons, Distant Shores: Italian Studies Today Lecture Series




Calendar Spring 2017

Colloquium Spring 2017Colloquium Spring 2017

Feb. 3, noon- 1:30pm,  Meredith Ray, Assoc. Professor of Italian , Univ. Delaware: ''Margherita Sarrocchi's Letters to Galileo''

CANCELLED!!!March 3,  noon- 1:30pm, Dr. Ulrich van Loyen, Univ. of Cologne, Germany: “In the voice of another. Trance, mediumship and the changes of power relations in the cult of Alberto Glorioso 1957-2016”

March 17, noon-1:30pm, Prof. Massimo Riva, Brown University: Italy in a Box: Virtual Travel and the Popularization of The Grand Tour”

April 14, noon- 1:30pm, Emily Monty, PhD candidate in History of Art and Architecture, Brown University: "Inventing Roman Design: Federico Zuccaro and the Saint Jerome Altarpiece at Philip II's Escorial"

April 20,  –  Note different day and venue - Nunology Conference 2:20-5pm, Great Hall of St. Stephen's Church - 114 George Street"Living in the Choir: Silence, Music, and Play in Early Modern Italian Convents" 

April 28, noon- 1:30pm, Valeria Federici, PhD candidate in Italian Studies, Brown University: "A real virtuality: Italian Network culture in the 1990s"

Calendar Fall 2016

Colloquium Fall 2016Colloquium Fall 2016Sept 23, noon- 1:30pm,  Wuming Chang: ''Virgil the Sweet Master of Rhetoric: The Doctrine of Exordium in the Commedia''

Oct. 7,  noon- 1:30pm, Tommaso Pepe: “The Double Trace. Itineraries in Italian Poetry about the Jewish Genocide: Salvatore Quasimodo, Vittorio Sereni, Primo Levi, Edith Bruck.”

Oct. 25, 7Pm, Salvatore Settis, “If Venice Dies” –  Note different day and venue. 

Nov.4, noon- 1:30pm, Ramsey McGlazer: "Among Fanciulli: Poetry, Pedantry, and Pascoli's Paedagogium,"

Nov. 18, noon- 1:30pm, Andrea Sartori: "The Aftermath of a Canary: Variations on a Theme. Antonio Barolini (1910-1971) from Private Memory to Political Allegory." 

Dec. 2,  noon- 1:30pm:Professional development session with Michela Ronzani 


Calendar Spring 2016

Colloquium Spring 2016Colloquium Spring 2016February 5, 2016, noon-1:30 pm: Peter van Dommelen, Director, Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World, Brown University, “Contested Monuments and Alternative Pasts: Politics of Heritage and Identity in Sardinia”

February 12, 2016, noon-1:30 pm:  Mena Fantarella, Ph.D. Candidate, Italian Studies, Brown University, "The Broken Circle: Gaetano Salvemini's Family between Fascism and World War II (1939 - 1946)".

 February 26, 2016, noon-1:30 pm:  Andrea Guiso, Department of History, University of Rome, La Sapienza, “La Prima Guerra mondiale: culla del fascismo? Una riconsiderazione in chiave storico-comparativa”.

March 11, 2016,  noon – 1:30 pm: Morris Karp, Ph.D. Candidate, Italian Studies, Brown University, That Which Happens Only Once: The Concept of History in Leopardi".

March 18, 2016,  noon – 1:30 pm: Michael Wyatt,  Independent Scholar, Editor,The Cambridge Companion to the Italian Renaissance, "Spectacle and Polis: Puppets, Alternative Theater, and the Idea of Italy". NOTE: Change of venue - In Barus&Holley Seminar Room 190 - followed by lunch in Italian Studies, 190 Hope Street, Room 102 

 April 15, 2016 noon-1:30 pm: David Young Kim, Department of the History of Art University of Pennsylvania, “Giorgio Vasari on the Fragility and Durability of Art” 



Calendar Fall 2015

Italian Studies Colloquium Fall 2015Italian Studies Colloquium Fall 2015

NOTE! Entire series takes place from Noon - 1:30 pm

Sept. 18, Grant Writing Workshop (Presentation by 2-3 graduate student grant-writers.)

Oct. 2Lianca Carlesi (Ph. D. candidate in Italian Studies),  “La Casa in collina:  The Story of an Enduring Illusion”

Oct. 30, Susan Gaylard, (Associate Professor of Italian Studies, Washington University), “Boccaccio’s De mulieribus claris and the Disappearance of Women from Illustrated Print Biographies”

Nov. 13, Alessandra Franco (Postdoctoral Fellow in Italian Studies, Brown University), "Malleable Youth: Forging Female Education in early Modern Rome"

Dec. 4, Giovanna Ceserani (Associate Professor of Classics, Stanford University), "Mapping the 18th-century Grand Tour of Italy digitally: 
British Travelers and Shapes of Architecture"


Calendar Spring 2015

Italian Studies Colloquium Spring 2015Italian Studies Colloquium Spring 2015

Feb. 11, Oren Jacoby, (Film Director and Producer), screening of "My Italian Secret" followed by Q&A with O. Jacobi, David Kertzer and Suzanne Stewart-Steinberg. Smith-Buonanno 106 at 6pm. Free pizza.

Feb. 18, Andrea Masu (Dept. of Digital Media, RISD) "Incompiuto Siciliano: the most important Italian architectural style since World War  II". Smith-Buonanno 201, 5:30pm.

Monday - March 9, Evelyn Lincoln (Professor of History of Art and Architecture and Italian Studies, Brown University), round-table dicussion on her new book "Brilliant Discourse:  Pictures and Readers in Early Modern Rome ", Yale UP, 2014, with Sheila Bonde (Brown, HIAA), Jane Ginsborg (Columbia) and Andrew Raftery (RISD) -  5:30 pm in List Art Center, Room 120.

April 8, Alessandro Carpin (Ph. D. student in Italian Studies), "Saviano's Gomorrah: Narrative Universie in Expansion", 5:30pm in 190 Hope Street, room 102.

April 22, Jennifer Scappettone (Univ. of Chicago) "From Corpse to Specter: Venice as Antagonist and Emblem of Modernity," in collaboration with Comparative Literature  and English. 5:30pm in Smith-Buonanno, room 106.

April 29, Federica Pedriali (Univ. Edinburgh-Visiting  Prof. at Harvard), "Deconstructing Rome", 5:30pm in 190 Hope Street, room 102.


Calendar Fall 2014

Sept. 10, Nicole Gercke (Ph.D. candidate in Italian Studies), "The hybrid Psyche of Alberto Savinio's La nostra anima."

Oct. 1, Nicola Perugini (Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow in Italian and Middle East Studies, Cogut Center), "Campi, rifugiati e soggettività migranti tra Mediterraneo e Italia."

Oct. 8, Valeria Federici (Second-year doctoral student in Italian Studies) "The Delivery of Mussolini's Rings in Rhode Island: a Collaboration between Catholic Priests and Italian Fascist Officials."

Oct. 22, Ilaria Porciani (Professor of History, University of Bologna, Fellow of the Italian Academy at Columbia University), "Memories, Traumas, Representations. Museums and the experience of forced migrations in Istria."

Nov. 5, Michela Ronzani (Ph. D. candidate in Italian Studies), "Renegotiating opera's status in fin de siècle Italy between popularization and elitism."

Nov. 19, Michael Moore (Professional translator, New York), "Poetic Restraint and Poetic License in Primo Levi: Notes on the New Translation of The Drowned and the Saved."


Calendar Spring 2014

Monday, February 10:  Justin Steinberg, Univ. Chicago, Associate Professor in Romance Languages & Literatures. Title:  “Dante’s Political Messianism."

Wednesday, March 12:  Publishing Workshop with Prof. D. Kertzer and Prof. M. Riva.

Wednesday, April 9: Alessandra Franco, PhD candidate in Italian Studies. Title: "Effetti mirabili della limosinaGiulio Folco's Patronage at Santa Caterina de' Funari."

Wednesday, April 23: Zoe Langer, PhD candidate in Italian Studies. Title:  "Representing Dante in the Renaissance: Visual Commentary in Francesco Sansovino’s Printed Edition of the Comedia of 1564, 1578, and 1596."

Wednesday, May 7: Anna Aresi, PhD candidate in Italian Studies. Title: "Understanding Italian Modernism through Dante: the Case of Clemente Rebora."


Calendar Fall 2013

Wednesday, December 4:  Prof. Suzanne Stewart-Steinberg, Italian Studies and Comparative Literature, "A Hermeneutics of Reclamation: Fascism and Post-Fascism in the Pontine Marshes."

Friday, November 15: Hair archeologist and historian Janet Stephens on "Roman Hairstyles" - Barus and Holley Martinos Auditorium, Room 190 - 5:30 - 7pm. (

Tuesday-Wed., October 29-30: Conference on the State of Italy with Romano Prodi, Carlo Trigilia (Italian Minister for Territorial Cohesion), David Thorne, ex-US Ambassador to Italy, and others.  Held at Watson Institute, 111 Thayer Street. Keynote address by R. Prodi, 5pm Tuesday, Oct. 29. Conference Wednesday Oct. 30 at 9am.

Wednesday, October 23: Anna Santucci, PhD Candidate in Italian Studies: "Giuseppe Baretti’s Easy Phraseology (1775) An 18th Century Forerunner of 20th Century Educational Drama."

Wednesday, September 25: Grant writing workshop with Prof. Evelyn Lincoln and Prof. Massimo Riva.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 (Wilson Hall, 302): Brown University-University of Bologna Doctoral Exchange. "Humanism, Neo-Humanism, Post-Humanism in the Age of Media. Perspectives on Research." Gian Mario Anselmi (Director, Department of Classical Philology and Italian Studies, University of Bologna); Angela De Benedictis (Alma Mater Professor, University of Bologna), Alberto De Bernardi (Department of History, Cultures, Civilizations, University of Bologna). Abstracts



Calendar Spring 2013

Wednesday, Feb. 6: Niall Atkinson, Neubauer Family Assistant Professor of Art History, University of Chicago, "Listening to the Noisy Renaissance.

Wednesday, Feb. 20: Giovanna Roz-Gastaldi, Doctoral Candidate, Italian Studies, Brown University, "The Alpine Landscape in the Garibaldi Panorama: a key element of 19th century visual culture."

Wednesday, Mar. 6 - Chiasmi 2013, "Cultural Materials/Material Culture," at Harvard University

Wednesday, Mar. 13: Wuming Chang, Doctoral Candidate, Italian Studies, Brown University. 

Wednesday, Apr. 3: Lina Fruzzetti, Royce Family Professor in Teaching Excellence and Professor of Anthropology, Brown University, and Akos Ostor, Professor of Anthropology, Wesleyan University.

Wednesday, Apr. 17: Barbara Troise Rioda, Doctoral Exchange Student, University of Bologna, "Il cibo e le sue rappresentazioni. Le radici di un dibattito contemporaneo."