Office Hours



Name Office Location Ext. Office Hours


Abbona-Sneider, Cristina

190 Hope St, Room 302


Mon. 12-12:50am and by appointment

Castiglione, Caroline 

190 Hope St, Room 206

 32098 Tu 1:45am-3:45pm and by appointment
Fantarella, Filomena   190 Hope St, Room 301  33380 t&Th 1-2pm

Kertzer, David

128 Hope St, Giddings House, 304


Wed. 3:30-5pm

Lincoln, Evelyn

List Art Ctr., College Hill, Room 415

33349 M 11am-12noon

Martinez, Ronald

190 Hope St., Room 308


Thursdays 1-3pm or by appointment

Riva, Massimo


Faculty Study B-15, Rockefeller Library


Tu and Th 1-1:50pm or by appointment

Stewart-Steinberg, Suzanne 

Pembroke Hall, Room 110


Mon 9-11am

Italian Studies Office 

Delgado, Mona
Dept. Manager 
190 Hope St., Room 203A 31561   M-F 8am-4pm