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Concentration Advsior: Cristina Abbona-Sneider - Cristina_Abbona@brown.edu

Italian Studies Concentration Requirements

It is quite possible to concentrate in Italian studies without having studied the language before coming to Brown, although doing so requires an early start. Having fulfilled the language requirement (Italian 0600), students will be able to enroll in a variety of advanced courses taught in Italian, reflecting the interdisciplinary scope of Italian studies at Brown (including literature, history, history of art, media and culture). Students are strongly encouraged to take Italian Studies courses taught in English before fulfilling the language requirement, such as the sequence ITAL 0580 and 0590.
The concentration requires that students demonstrate proficiency in the Italian language by completing up to Italian 0600 (or the equivalent in Bologna). Italian 0600 is the first language course that counts toward the eight required courses for the concentration. At least four of the eight courses should be taken in Italian.

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Italian Studies Concentration and the Brown Program in Bologna

Concentrators who enroll in the Brown in Bologna program should fulfill the requirements according to the following sequence: prior to departure, the student should complete the level of Italian language study required (Italian 0300) and enroll in one of the courses in the four distribution areas -- Italian literature; Italian History; history of Italian art and architecture; film or performance. Upon return from Bologna, the student should enroll in at least one advanced course offered by the department, preferably a course taught in Italian. Any student returning from the Bologna program must enroll in a course above the language level of Italian 0600.
Credits toward the Italian Studies concentration may also be transferred from the Brown in Bologna Program. Concentrators may count three courses per semester toward the concentration (or six courses total for the year), although the course content must focus on Italy if the student wishes to count the course toward the concentration requirements. Concentrators should consult the concentration advisor to know which courses may or may not transfer as credits toward the concentration.

Honors in Italian Studies

Concentrators are encouraged to expand their understanding of Italian language, history, or culture through independent research that will result in a thesis, a translation, or a multimedia project, developed in consultation with the undergraduate concentration advisor and the individual faculty member who will advise the student’s project. The Honors thesis in Italian Studies is a two-semester thesis. Students who intend to complete an honors project should enroll for the first semester in Italian Studies 1920 (Independent Study), and have their project approved by their advisor by October 15. During the second semester, honors students enroll in Italian Studies 1990 and continue to work with their advisor to complete the project. Italian Studies 1990 does not count as one of the eight courses required for the concentration.

Capstone experiences in Italian Studies

A Capstone experiences in Italian Studies would consist of a course or project that a student, in consultation with the undergraduate advisor, feels would integrate the various intellectual engagements of this interdisciplinary concentration, and constitute a culminating experience in Italian Studies at Brown. This could include the Brown Program in Bologna, typically taken in the Junior year, and/or the honors thesis in the senior year. However, students may also apply early in the Fall or Spring semester of their senior year for permission to designate one of their courses (1000-level or above) a Capstone course. In consultation with the professor, students in Capstone courses complete an independent research, writing, or multimedia project that is well beyond the required assignment for the course. Italian Studies 1920 (Independent Study) may also be designated a Capstone course with the permission of the instructor.
For additional information and to discuss concentrating in Italian Studies, please contact the concentration advisor, Cristina Abbona-Sneider