Program News: "Hirschfeld House" named

Sarah Hirschfeld, Elie Hirschfeld, Prof. Saul Olyan (L-R):

In recognition of a $3.5 million gift made by Elie and Sarah Hirschfeld to support the renovation and ongoing maintenance of Brown University's Judaic Studies Building, the University has renamed the building, at 163 George Street, the "Hirschfeld House."  Read more in the BDH.

(Distributed November 4, 2016)

Course News: Professor Jacobson offers Wintersession 2017 course which includes course and study tour to Israel and Palestine

Professor David Jacobson is offering a Wintersession course, UNIV 1001 - The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Contested Narratives, which will include course study and travel to Israel and Palestine.  The course will run January 3-20, 2017 with travel dates on January 11-19, 2017.  In this seminar and study tour to Israel/Palestine, students will compare the radically different narratives that Palestinians and Israelis tell themselves and the world about their struggle over Palestine/Israel.

(Distributed August 11, 2016)

Faculty News: Professors Adler and Jacobson host National Association of Professors of Hebrew at Brown

Professors Ruth  Adler Ben-Yehuda and David C. Jacobson co-chaired the National Association of Professors of Hebrew at Brown University this June 2016.  The conference hosted nearly 200 scholars, teachers and graduate students in fields related to the study of Hebrew, such as the Bible, Hebrew language and linguistics, modern Hebrew literature and Hebrew pedagogy.

(Distributed June 27, 2016)
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