Brown Language Society

Brown Language Society


The mission of the Brown Language Society (BLS) is to bring language enthusiasts together and to demonstrate the value of language learning to the Brown community. By hosting lectures, conversation tables, and other special events, BLS seeks to encourage an appreciation of language and culture.

  • Language Tables are conversation groups where students gather for casual conversation in the language. Some tables are geared to beginners, other are for more advanced speakers. Feel free to join these student-run language tables every week or less often. New students are always welcome!

  • Language Matches is an online and mobile app to look for someone to help you learn a language and to offer your own language to someone else. Check-out sign ups at the beginning of every semester.

  • Language Ambassadors are students who run a variety of events centered around language learning -- quiz bowl, cabaret evenings, game nights, sporting competitions, outings--  Find out about the events by joining our list-serv.

Additional language groups and other events/initiatives are constantly being developed. To join our general listserv and stay informed about upcoming events, inquire about leadership opportunities on the BLS executive board, or send us your comments and suggestions, email us at [email protected].


Find us on Facebook here and like us to get notified about future events.