Past Grant Recipients


Barbara Gourlay
General Academic Terminology Pronunciation Resources for Internationals
Accurate pronunciation of general academic terminology is essential for internationals studying and teaching at American colleges and universities. While international students and faculty in the US usually understand general academic terminology (written forms, meanings, and usage), they often mispronounce it in face-to-face interactions. Having learned English through reading, this highly literate population relies on one predominant pronunciation strategy: sounding out written word forms. This project will create a sortable spreadsheet/database of general academic terminology, coded for relevant phonological information that is unavailable in ordinary texts, which will be used to develop interactive multimedia exercises to be used for individual study.
Yuko Jackson
Developing a New Curriculum for First-Year Japanese
The Cahir of East Asian Studies has requested me to develop a new curriculum for first-year Japanese. My objective is to present a new course design for the basic Japanese courses (JAPN0100-JAPN0200) to the department by the end of Fall semester, 2013. Thus I need to dedicate this summer July-August in order to complete this project. Further, I recently formed a group with colleagues from other Ivy League universities to enhance first-year Japanese curriculum. This will be a great opportunity to create much desired horizontal communication with other universities. We are planning to hold the first meeting sometime in August, and I plan to attend.
Shoggy Waryn
Bilingual Film Glossary for Language Classes
This project proposes to create a reference glossary of film terms in English and French, with universal visual examples that can be used and imported easily into any language course in Canvas format. The examples will be culled from clips in YouTube, Google images and other available copyright free materials. The format will be in easily importable content modules, with the column in French editable to be replaced by any other target language.


Miled Faiza
North African Arabic: An Introductory Textbook to Tunisian and Libya
This project will seek to address a serious gap in Arabic pedagogical materials by producing an introductory textbook of Tunisian/Libyan Arabic. The textbook will be task-based and communicative, geared specifically towards the intermediate-level student of Arabic who is preparing for a semester abroad in North Africa.

Hiroshi Tajima
Development of Reading Materials Based on Interdisciplinary Approach
I use an interdisciplinary approach ot promte the acquisition of content and language. Also, I organize the reading topics in by the different stages of the life cycle: childhood, college education, employment, love and marriage, children and family, aging, and death.

Shoggy Waryn
ELFE French Language Exercises Upgrades
ELFE French Exercises are a database of over 800 self-corrected grammar exercises used by all French students enrolled in French language classes at Brown. Purchased over ten years ago, content, interface and navigation have deteriorated dover time and need to be upgraded to new HTML standards. Moreover, new exercises and tools since they are maintained in open access to all teachers. The solution found should be easily adapted to other languages at Brown.


Hye-Sook Wang

Enhancing Sociopragmatic Competence in Korean through TV Dramas and Films

Project will enable me to select video clips from Korean TV dramas and films on six most commonly occurring speech acts (thank, request, apology, compliment, refusal, and agreement) in Korean. Each clip will be accompanied by related exercises that I developed based on it. This material is expected to help enhance Korean learners’ sociopragmatic competence.


Elissavet Amanatidou

Viewing Comprehension Materials for Modern Greek

Modern Greek, like many LCTLs suffers from a chronic lack of materials which incorporate cultural content in a variety of themes and expressive forms and veer away from folklore and representations of a single “national” culture and homogeneous citizenry.  This proposal aims to address this need by creating a map of diverse cultural practices, drawn from television advertisements and messages, accompanied by a course pack of viewing comprehension questions and rubrics, which also invite the students to conduct independent research of their own.

The proposed project aims to address a serious deficit of contemporary, culturally appropriate and relevant material, through the authoring of a 14 unit workbook, which will accompany 18 digitised segments of commercials and “social awareness” announcements, adapted from Greek TV.

Ziad Bentahar

Darja Express: Introduction to Moroccan Colloquial Arabic

Project will create supplemental materials for teaching North African colloquial Arabic dialect of Darija.

Silvia Sobral

Foreign Language Video Collection (Part 2)

Project will enable graduate students to transcribe and translate a series of video tapes of language classes held at Brown so they can be used as training videos in the course HISP 2900: Theory and Methods of Foreign Language Teaching.


Patricia Sobral

Brazil Via the Arts Intermediate Textbook

Project will enable project director to conduct interviews with artists in four cities in Brazil. Recorded interviews will be incorporated into DVD to accompany intermediate Portuguese language textbook.

Silvia Sobral

Foreign Language Teaching Video Collection

Project will allow project director to tanscribe and translate videotape of Spanish language class as pilot for developing procedures for videotaping, transcribing and translating additional foreign language classes. Transcribed and translated videotapes will be used in HISP2900 course – Theory and Practice of Foreign Language Teaching.

Yang Wang

Effects of Writing Prompts on Intermediate Learners of Chinese

Project will investigate effects of writing prompts that incorporate a reading task on production of Chinese writing assignments for intermediate level students.


Arkady Belozovsky

Video Interviews with Members of the Deaf Community

Funding will enable project director to conduct videotaped interviews with members of the Deaf community in the Southeast New England region. Taped footage will feature a diverse group of Deaf signers and will be adapted for use in fifth semester ASL classes.

Andrew Ross

Functioning in L: Basic Communicative Skills in Less-Commonly Taught Languages

Funding will enable project director to investigate programs in non-credit language instruction at Yale and Columbia, and to plan for development of a similar non-credit program at Brown for languages not currently taught for credit.

Patricia Sobral

Integrating Social Movements: Intermediate Portuguese

Funding will enable project director to adapt materials (including videotaped interviews) from the high school level Portuguese curriculum of Emma Sokoloff-Rubin and Jeffrey Rubin for second-year Portuguese at Brown. The content of the material focuses on social movements in Brazil and includes afro-reggae music, women’s rights, and the landless movement (MST) – project director will add material on immigration to the U.S.

Hye-Sook Wang

Frog’s Tears and Other Stories: Readings in Korean Culture

Frog’s Tears and Other Stories: Readings in Korean Culture is a book of folktales, designed to improve learner’s linguistic competence and deepen their cultural understanding in Korean. It consists of 13 best-known Korean folktales, activities and tasks, and related cultural information. It is developed on the Content-Based Language Instruction approach.


Elissavet Amanatidou

It’s Greek to You: Specimen Listening Comprehension Materials for Advanced Intermediate Students

This project is part of a larger endeavor to remedy the poverty and unsuitability of existing audio resources; to develop understanding of spoken Greek in a variety of contexts; to allow for a better knowledge and understanding of Greek culture. Aim is to conduct research and record interviews for specimen materials, within the topic of “Higher Education in Greece.” The resulting audio files and accompanying comprehension tasks will serve as a prototype for the textbook I plan to write.

Jane Sokolosky

Website: Einzigartig Deutschland

Project develops curricular materials in multimedia format for intermediate learners of German. Project will produce a website through which students will learn about the history of Germany through culturally significant locations in Germany. Funding will facilitate travel to sites in Germany to interview individuals associated with the sites, to take photographs and to visit museums. Funds will also be appropriated for student help with web design.

Yang Wang

Compiling Supplementary Materials for the Instruction of Sentence Connectives for Third Year Chinese

The goal of this project is to provide supplementary materials on sentence connectives that help third-year students of Chinese at Brown to develop cohesive, paragraph-length narrative speeches.


Lung-Hua Hu

Audio-Visual Materials for Study Abroad Website and Intermediate Chinese

This project will serve two purposes: the first one is to provide audio and visual components of my new website for study abroad in China, the second to provide materials for my second new project of developing audio-visual supplementary materials for CI 30/40 (Intermediate Chinese). These materials will include still images and sound files. In order to gather the materials, I will need to make multiple trips within China and Taiwan.

Andrew Ross

Metadata Standards for Language Methodology and Pedagogy

Project will survey and evaluate best practices in application of metadata to language instruction resources, will suggest metadata tag content conforming to accepted standards, and will assist the TEACH Project investigators at Columbia University to create taxonomic structures to describe objects within their repository.

Peter Scharf

Pancatantra Audio

In 2001, Professor Ramamurti, a respected traditional scholar of Madras, recording his mellifluous recitation of Pariabhadra’s Pascantantra with the intention that I integrate it line by line with the text on The Sanskrit Library website. A qualified Sanskrit student will complete the editing of these digital audio files, mark regions, and save them in archive-quality (AIFF or WAV) format and in web-deliverable (MP3) format. The latter audio files will be made available to students both at Brown and elsewhere at The Sanskrit Library website.

Jane Sokolosky

Audio to Go

This grant supports the creation of audio files for beginning and intermediate German. We will make all vocabulary lists available to students both in text and audio form. We have created some files, but our students have requested that we create all files with English and German, and with sufficient pauses to repeat or recall the words. This would be a wonderful repository that could be used in future semesters.

Lingzhen Wang

Integrating Multimedia in Fourth-Year Chinese

With funding from this grant I will travel to China in the early summer and purchase recent, feature-length films with scripts, documentaries, TV series and commercials in DVD format for use in a restructured fourth-year Chinese course. Clips from selected titles will be selected for mounting on the WebCT web site for the course, to be streamed using Video Furnace. The scenes will be glossed with the Chinese film script and linked to selected vocabulary items. The selecting, glossing and posting to the web site will take place during summer.

Shoggy Waryn

ELFE: French Web-Based Exercises

ELFE is a popular interactive program allowing learners of French to practice specific grammar skills. This project will update ELFE to distribute it over the web while keeping its main features intact. It will also add much needed flexibility to the menus, allowing for customization that will enable teachers to choose which exercises to select for each level of French.


Beth Bauer

Pluma: Spanish Writing Center – Continuation

The grant will support the services of two graduate students in the Spanish Writing Center for spring semester, 2005.

Yuko Jackson

New Course Initiative: Language for Special Purposes – Business Japanese

Project will involve conducting interviews with American students of Japanese who engage in business with Japanese counterparts. Materials in print, audio and video format will be purchased for use in developing lessons and activities in Business Japanese.

Andrew Ross

Streamed Interactive Video Materials

Project will enable the Language Resource Center to acquire software and equipment for creating, editing and distributing interactive streamed video materials over the web for instructional purposes.

Peter Scharf

Sanskrit Educational Software: Integrating linguistic programs into automated Sanskrit translation exercises

The project develops educational software utilizing mechanisms for immediate feedback on exercises using Sanskrit linguistic software.

Meiqing Zhang

Chinese Cultural Reader for Advanced Students

The project director is in the revision stages of a textbook with texts and exercises that she is writing for students of Chinese in their fifth year of instruction. While in China she will consult with instructors of Chinese as a Second Language at several universities on aspects of her textbook. She will also consult with authors of literary texts included in the textbook concerning her presentations and interpretations of their work.


Lung-Hua Hu

An Interactive Pronunciation Tool for Chinese

The project will produce a software program for developing the pronunciation of Chinese vowel sounds. It will feature interactive graphic and audio functions designed for the first-year student, but useful for more advanced learners as well who are interested in honing specific pronunciation skills.

Andrew Ross

Consortium for Language Teaching and Learning

Proposal seeks funding to purchase mobile digital recording kits for the Language Resource Center for production of language teaching materials.

Andrew Ross

Making Technology Work: A collaborative Process and Design Workshop for Language, Culture and Literature Instruction

The Language Resource Center, the Sheridan Center, the Instructional Technology Group, and CLS will organize a workshop and follow-up activities aimed at planning and implementing technological solutions to specific problems in the teaching of languages, cultures and literatures. Participating teams, each consisting of one graduate student and one faculty member, will meet for three days in early June, with a follow-up meeting in late August, and an evaluation module in December.


Beth Bauer

Spanish Writing Center

The project will help establish a Spanish Writing Center at Brown which will assist students in intermediate and advanced Spanish courses to improve their writing in Spanish. The Spanish Writing Center will be housed initially in the Language Resource Center will be staffed by three graduate students from Hispanic Studies. It will provide consultations in person, by telephone or via e-mail for 27 hours each week.

Andrew Ross

Audio Recording Studio

This proposal seeks funding to equip a digital recording studio in the Language Resource Center for the production of language learning materials. It is envisioned as the first phase in a larger project involving web broadcasting of materials in less-commonly taught languages.

Andrew Ross

Language Resource Metadata Project – Planning Workshop

The proposal will fund a Planning Workshop for the Language Resource Metadata Project, to be held at Brown University in October, 2003. The Metadata Project is a collaboration between language educators at Columbia University, Dartmouth College and Brown to develop and refine standards for high-quality metadata, along with standards for the format, storage and transmission of digitized language learning materials (such as images, texts, audio and video).


Peter Scharf

A Digitized List of the Principal Pats of Sanskrit Verbs

The project will produce a comprehensive, digitized list of the principal parts of Sanskrit verbs, based on William Swight Whitney’s handbook, The Roots, Verb Forms and Primary Derivatives of the Sanskrit Language. This digitized list will be entered into a database and utilized for first-year Sanskrit students, for posting on the Sanskrit Library web site, and eventually for use in creating a Sanskrit parser.


Lynne deBenedette

A Web Site for Russian Resources

The project will create a separate web site for instructors and students linked to the Dept. of Slavic Languages web site. This site will contain a variety of instructional resources appropriate to several course levels. Funding will enable design of the site, entry of texts and graphics and purchase of copyright permissions.

Merle Krueger

Developing Technology Applications in Language Teaching – A Symposium

What does it take to manage projects in the application of technology to language teaching? A symposium at Brown University will address the various aspects of this question. Presentations will demonstrate three innovative projects using digital technology in language instruction. The symposium will conclude with a group discussion of the issues raised.