Equipped with the latest multimedia equipment, including a state-of-the-art audio / video capture room and a media classroom, the LRC strives to be at the forefront of pedagogical and technological innovation and at the center of a multi-faceted approach to teaching and learning languages and cultures.

Audio / video capture room

The audio / video capture room (SciLi 607) is a dedicated space for recording and processing audio and video-based projects. The room is equipped with a computer workstation, professional-grade microphone and camera, and a Wacom graphic tablet. The room is ideal for recording and producing audio and video files, including but not limted to voiceovers and pronunciation-based activities. This room may be reserved by submitting a request to lrc@brown.edu


Media classroom

The media classroom (SciLi 604) is a technology-enhanced space, which includes a Cisco videoconferencing system. With the use of Air media, up to four devices may be projected simultaneously. The room is ideal for conducting small language classes, group discussions, and media viewing. This classroom may be reserved for language courses or language-based groups by submitting a request to lrc@brown.edu


Television areas

Two stationary and two portable television monitors are located in the LRC communal space. You may connect to the televisions with HDMI or VGA cables. Wireless headphones are also available for checkout in the LRC office. The television areas are ideal for individuals or small groups to view international films (available for checkout at the John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Library or streaming online via Kanopy or other streaming service).


Study areas

In the communal space there is also a wide variety of study areas available for individuals or small groups. These areas provide numerous seating options, tables, and power outlets. It is an ideal spot to read, study, or engage in target language conversation with a partner.