Guidance for Faculty Summer Salary


The following guidance is provided for faculty who have less than a 12 month appointment who choose to devote effort and receive compensation from sponsored projects during the months of June, July and/or August.* 

Charges for work performed by faculty on sponsored agreements during the summer months (i.e. not included in the base salary) will be determined for each faculty member at a rate not in excess of the base salary divided by the period to which the base salary applies. For example, a faculty member earning $90,000 with a nine month appointment would divide the total base salary ($90,000) by 9 to arrive at a base monthly rate of $10,000 per summer month.

All effort devoted and corresponding salary charged to a sponsored project(s) must be in compliance with sponsor and University policies. Committed effort on a sponsored project should be devoted exclusively to the activity supported by that sponsored project. Other activities performed during the summer months, e.g. any administrative or academic activities, vacations, or writing new proposals, may not be charged to sponsored projects.

If the sponsor has a salary cap, as in the case of NIH, the faculty member commits the full, planned percentage of effort to the sponsored activity although the compensation will be at the reduced (capped) amount. Information related to the current NIH cap may be found at this OSP web page.

Faculty supported by NSF grants should note that the total effort charged to all NSF awards may not exceed two months of their regular salary in any one year.**

Other sponsors may have similar or alternate restrictions on summer salary so faculty should consult their grant terms and conditions prior to committing summer effort. Any questions regarding sponsor terms or conditions should be addressed to OSP.

*Nine month faculty appointments at Brown run from September through May, ten month appointments run September through June.

**The University’s fiscal year is July 1 through June 30.