Guidelines for Campus-Based Consortium Proposals

The Center for Language Studies Campus Grants Committee invites grant applications for small-based projects sponsored by the Consortium for Language Teaching and Learning.

Proposal submission deadline: April 1st, 2019 (The recipients will be announced on April 15th, 2019)

Types of Fundable Projects:

Projects may include a wide variety of activities dedicated to the teaching and learning of languages on the Brown campus. These activities include, but are not restricted to, the following:

  • development of instructional materials in print, audiovisual, or multimedia format
  • research on the efficacy of projects
  • development of instructional Web pages
  • arranging lectures, lecture series, or local workshops

Applicants are encouraged to survey the projects funded by the Consortium described in the Consortium database and to take these projects into account in developing proposals. Click here for a list of campus-based grants awarded along with abstracts.


Only projects with a voting CLS member as project director are eligible for funding.

Funding Limits and Use:

Appropriate proposals will have a budget that does not exceed roughly $3,000. Funds may be used to compensate for summer salary, but they may not be used to compensate project participants for time already obligated to Brown. Click here for guidance and information regarding summer salary. Funds may not be used for travel or to purchase computer hardware for personal use.

Conditions of Grants:

Grantees agree to allow a description of their project to be posted on the Consortium website, to make a presentation of the results of their project, and to submit a final narrative report within sixty days of the completion of their project. This narrative report will be included in the project description on the Consortium website. Any significant changes in the activities, personnel, or budget of the project must be approved in advance by the CLS Grants Committee. Any final materials should acknowledge in an obvious manner the support of the Consortium, while copyright resides with the author(s) in accordance with University policy. Ten per cent of all royalties or profits from the sale of materials produced with help from the grant are to be paid to the Consortium, up to a total not to exceed the amount of the grant.

Application Procedure:

Applications should be submitted to by the announced target dates. All those contemplating a project are encouraged to consult with members of the CLS Grants Committee or with previous successful applicants for help in developing their proposals. A cover sheet must accompany the proposal.#mce_temp_url#