Affiliated Offices

The Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs

Brown University's Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs is a leading center for research and teaching on the most important problems of our time. The Watson Institute's research focuses on two areas: global security, and political economy and development. Its research aims to improve policies and its use of innovative media engages the broader public in global dialogue.


Office of Global Engagement 

The Office of Global Engagement supports and coordinates all of Brown University's international and transnational activities on campus and abroad. The OGE implements an institutional global engagement strategy, which responds to the interests and needs of our faculty and students, is inclusive, and is informed by a deep understanding of Brown's current internationalization landscape.

The OGE website offers key interactive data pertinent to Brown's presence in the world and the world's presence at Brown; a comprehensive list of current global partnerships; myriad grant opportunities for multiple audiences;  policies and procedures for the establishment of linkages and the hosting of visiting delegations; and reliable resources for undergraduate and graduate students, prospective students and parents, faculty and staff, alumni, and international institutions and organizations.


Office of International Programs

Brown University offers undergraduate students the opportunity to study abroad through a wide variety of academic programs, some offered directly by the university and others sponsored by institutions that Brown approves for academic credit. Well over 500 Brown students study outside of the United States each year and are transformed by their experiences in the most positive and profound ways.

The Office of International Programs is responsible for the management of study abroad opportunities for Brown undergraduates. We also work with students from other institutions who are interested in studying abroad on a Brown-sponsored program.


Brazil Initiative

Housed at the Watson Institute, the Brazil Initiative was established with two strategic goals: to make Brown the best university for the study of Brazil outside of Brazil, and to be a hub for research collaborations between Brown faculty members and Brazilian scholars and researchers.

The Brazil Initiative facilitates and coordinates lectures, seminars, conferences, research partnerships and grants, as well as a host of other resources on campus related to Brazil. Devised both in the spirit of collaboration and as a free-standing clearinghouse for academic and research activities, the Initiative functions as a foundation for interdisciplinary conversation, a source of support for Brown's already superb Brazilian studies, and an incubator to develop emergent fields of study.


Brown Center for Students of Color

The Brown Center for Students of Color (BCSC) serves as a gathering place for communities of color. Students are encouraged to build meaningful relationships across difference, develop racial and ethnic consciousness, and enact change at Brown and beyond. The BCSC advances the University’s mission of educating and preparing students to discharge the offices of life with usefulness and reputation by empowering students of color, cultivating leadership, facilitating critical reflection, fostering informed action, and promoting social justice. 


Department of Hispanic Studies

The Department of Hispanic Studies at Brown offers an in-depth introduction to Hispanic culture. At the undergraduate level it offers the possibility of learning the languages and cultures of both Spain and Latin America. At the graduate level, it aims at training students both as generalists able to teach the broadest range of courses and as scholars in their field of specialization. Our approach is distinctly transatlantic, emphasizing the long-standing interactions between Spain and Latin America. The faculty members represent a broad range of approaches to language, literature, and culture, from philology to literary theory and cultural studies. All courses are taught in Spanish, and the development of fluency in reading, speaking, and writing the target language is an important goal in all classes. However, the goals of the department go beyond language instruction, as it seeks to prepare students to be able to understand a completely different national, continental, and global reality in all its complexity.


Office of International Student and Scholar Services

The mission of the Office of International Student and Scholar Services (OISSS) is to support the University’s internationalization and to facilitate the integration of international students and scholars into the Brown community. In that, OISSS serves as a resource to admitted international students, faculty and researchers and their families as well as academic departments, and other administrative offices on and off campus. OISSS provides advising services with respect to immigration and visa matters, work permission, orientation, cultural adjustment and personal concerns. OISSS provides consulting services to hiring academic departments, and handles the immigration related aspects of the hiring process for nonimmigrant faculty, researchers, and staff.