CLACS is pleased to welcome Jeremy Mumford, Lecturer in History, as the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Concentration Advisor. His office is located in Room 222 in CLACS at the Watson Institute. He holds office hours every Tuesday from 9:00-11:30 am or by appointment. Email him here:

Undergraduate Concentration in Latin American and Caribbean Studies 

The concentration in Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LACA) is designed to help students develop an interdisciplinary understanding of culture, history, and contemporary issues in Latin America. Social, political, economic, scientific, literary, and cultural factors combine to explain the Latin American and Caribbean societies of today. The concentration in Latin American and Caribbean Studies provides the opportunity to use the methods of various disciplines and integrate different ways of knowing.

Requirements are intentionally broad and flexible to accommodate the interests of students in understanding the diverse reality of Latin America, yet the concentration also encourages focus. Concentration requirements cover four general areas: language, area studies, research, and internship / service work.

Competency in Spanish or Portuguese is developed through intermediate and advanced coursework. Many concentrators also study abroad in Latin America and the Caribbean for one or both semesters during their junior year to advance their language skills.

A wide selection of courses from departments across the university expose students to the methods and materials of different disciplines and provide a background in the contemporary and historical contours of Latin American society.

The Senior Honors Thesis or Project (optional) is designed to integrate appropriate knowledge and skills. 

Internship or volunteer work is required of all students. Students work in Latin America or with a local organization that primarily serves Spanish or Portuguese speakers. This requirement puts students in direct contact with the realities of Latin America and its peoples and builds professional skills and experience.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact the concentration advisor Jeremy Mumford,

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