CLACS Announces Results of Brazil Small Grants Competition

March 14, 2014

CLACS is pleased to announce that it recently awarded sixteen grants to Brown University faculty and graduate students through the Brazil Small Grants program.

The grants are funded by a generous anonymous gift to the Center to honor Professor James N. Green’s distinguished contributions to research and teaching on modern Brazil.  CLACS Director Richard SnyderLeah Vanwey of the Department of Sociology, and Nelson Viera of the Department of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies served on the selection committee.

The funds will support a wide range of projects across the Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences. A list of the grant recipients and their project titles follows:

Geri Augusto

Visiting Professor, Africana Studies

Exploring Design and Establishment of a New Center Specializing in Collaborative Teaching and Interdisciplinary Research on the Reconcavo Region's Quilombola and Other Fishing Communities

Kathleen Haughey

Doctoral Student, Music

Mbyá-guarani Music in Communities in and Around Porto Alegre

Esther Kurtz

Doctoral Student, Music

Embodied Transmission of Values: Capoeira Angola Practice as a Vehicle for Social Change in Bahia

Marcelo Lotufo

Doctoral Student, Comparative Literature

Early 19th Century Brazil and Argentina in the First Generation of Romantics

Sarah MacCarthy

Post Doctoral Fellow, Division of Infectious Diseases, Alpert Medical School

The Awareness and Acceptability of Taking Prep, A Daily Pill to Prevent HIV among Transgender Individuals in Salvador, Brazil

Isadora Moura Mota

Doctoral Student, History

Slavery, Literacy and the Impact of the U.S. Civil War in Brazil (1850-1870)

Chelsea Nagy

Doctoral Student, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Carbon Storage and Soil Fertility in Secondary Forests of the Brazilian Mata Atlântica

Andre Pagliarini

Doctoral Student, History

Relationship between Brazil's Private Sector and the Military Dictatorship, 1964-1985

Hector Pellegrina

Doctoral Student, Economics

Roads, Trade and Land Use: Theory and Evidence from the Amazon Region

Keisha-Khan Perry

Assistant Professor, Africana Studies

The Historical Paradox of Citizenship: Black Land Ownership and Loss in Brazil

Heather Randell

Doctoral Student, Sociology

Hydropower and the Dynamics of Displacement: Forced Migration and Agricultural Livelihoods in the Brazilian Amazon

Peter Richards

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Population Studies and Training Center (PSTC)

Searching for Gold in Brazil's Amazon

Stephanie Savell

Doctoral Student, Anthropology

Police Pacification in Rio de Janeiro and its Transnational Ties

Jazmin Sierra

Doctoral Student, Political Science

Brazil Goes Global: The  Partido dos Trabalhadores and the Rise of Brazilian Multinational Corporations

Carlos E. Silva

Doctoral Student, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Reducing Deforestation in Brazil: Can Carbon Markets Save the Amazon?

Joshua Tucker

Assistant Professor, Music

Making Choro Music: The Socioesthetics of the Trade's Tool