Fall 2016 Courses

The following is a partial list of the courses related to Latin America and the Caribbean that are offered to Brown University students. 

 Please review course selections with the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Concentration Advisor Jeremy Mumford to ensure that they can be used to fulfill your requirements.

Africana Studies

AFRI 0210 - Afro Latin Americans and Blackness in the Americas

AFRI 1150 - Afro-Caribbean Philosophy

AFRI 1210 - Afro-Brazilians and the Brazilian Polity


ANTH 1120 - Peoples and Cultures of the Americas

ANTH 1505 - Vertical Civilization: South American Archeology from Monte Verde to the Inkas

Comparative Literature

COLT 0710N -  A Comparative Introduction to the Literatures of the Americas

COLT 1422E - The 19th Century Novel: Transatlantic Perspectives*

Development Studies

DEVL 1700 - Beyond Sun, Sea and Sand: Exploring the Contemporary Caribbean


ENGL 0200S - Fresh off the Boat: Immigration and Border-Crossings in American Empire*

Ethnic Studies

ETHN 0512 - Introduction to Latina/o Cultural Studies

ETHN 1890O - Latina/o Novel

Hispanic Studies

HISP 0730 - Early and Contemporary Writers of Spanish America

HISP 1250B - Hispanic Cultures Through Film

HISP 1330W - War, Revolution and Literature in Modern Latin American Literature

HISP 1370B - Gaborium: Memory, Fiction, and Reading in Gabriel García Márquez

HISP 1700B - Rhythm and Silence: A Creative Writing Workshop*

HISP 2350P - Teoría Literaria: la literatura Transatlantica


HIST 0232 - Clash of Empires in Latin America

HIST 0537A - Popular Culture in Latin America and the Caribbean

HIST 1313 - Brazilian Biographies

HIST 1320 - Rebel Island: Cuba, 1492-Present

HIST 1333 - The Mexican Revolution

HIST 1381 - Latin American History and Film: Memory, Narrative and Nation

HIST 1967L - Politics and Culture Under the Brazilian Military Dictatorship, 1964-1985

HIST 1967T - History of the Andes from the Incas to Evo Morales

HIST 1979L - Urban History of Latin America

HIST 2971T - Colonial Latin America


HMAN 1972CPicturing Paradise: Art and Science in the Americas

Latin American Studies

Course taught by Cogut Visiting Professor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies. To be determined and published online shortly. 

Modern Culture and Media

MCM 0901W - The Space Within: Contemporary Borderland Moving Image Practice*


MUSC 1935 - Beyond Bossa Nova: Brazilian Music and Society

Political Science

POLS 1822I - Geopolitics of Oil and Energy*

Portuguese and Brazilian Studies

POBS 0610 - Mapping Portuguese-Speaking Cultures: Brazil

Public Health

PHP 1070 - The Burden of Disease in Developing Countries*

Course officially listed or cross-listed as Latin American and Caribbean Studies

*Course will count for Latin American and Caribbean Studies credit if the final paper or project focuses on the region