Book Reproduction Services



Starting in June 2015, the Library is moving toward an open-access model that will allow any interested scholar or member of the general public to download, free of charge, for personal use, any item from our digitized collection. We follow the leading cultural institutions of our day in making our materials widely available to the greatest possible audience. Please click here to be taken to our Creative Commons licensing page.

In order to assist us in making our collection more widely available, we are instituting a process by which anyone can donate to our ongoing digitization program. Donors can choose to "sponsor" a particular text or object from our collection, and the total donation will be roughly based upon the size of each volume (i.e. the number of pages). Please send an e-mail to our Imaging Department indicating the object you wish to have digitized, and we will contact you with instructions as to how to proceed and the final estimate for the associated donation.

How much does it cost to digitize an item from our collection?

Digitization costs vary according to the length and complexity of the object being scanned. Under normal circumstances, the costs are as follows:

For a volume between 1-50 pages, the digitization cost is: $50

For a volume between 51-150 pages, the digitization cost is: $100.

For a volume between 151-300 pages, the digitization cost is $150.

For a volume between 301-450 pages, the digitization cost is $200.

For a volume 450 pages or over, the digitization cost is $250.

** All items digitized will be made available and accessible free of charge through our JCB open-access policy; for that reason, all donations to our digitization program are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. **


Please note that the Library is no longer producing 35mm microfilms of items from our collection.